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  1. Slider1342

    Well thats certainly not very impressive.... A mere inch and a half? Kids these days
  2. -Outdated- Gragas AP

    Finally someone who doesnt make gragas tank! I prefer teleport/clarity myself just to keep the barrels comin.
  3. The reason I don't play with you guys

    Sounds like the kind of person Abyss would like to play with!
  4. Duke vs. UNC Basketball

    clearly UMD is better (despite our latest game)
  5. cmdrbigbob

    I see you got my message then
  6. This got patched a while ago. It changed to Left Right Left Right Down Down Up Up 3 4 (don't use the # pad), but I'm not sure if this works any more. There is also a way that involves a key command (can't remember what) and then pasting some java code in. I'll check for it later when I have time.
  7. Heart Breaker Forever

    HBF stares into your soul
  8. Greetings and Salutations!

  9. wraith

    hey, im wraith. from all hardware. i stop by and play tf2 occasionally, but i mainly play league of legends now

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