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    250ssd 4tb hhd
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    2 x 24" and 1 52"

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  1. A new journey into the world of pc gaming

    @[member='mikemt69'] Welcome to the Forums
  2. Hello =ADK=

    @[member='ultraspank55'] Welcome to the forums
  3. [Sentinel] Squash

    @[member='Squashdubeau'] Welcome
  4. Hi, this is Audrey

    Welcome to  adk and the forums
  5. Hello =ADK=

    A little late but Welcome
  6. Hey guys!

    @Gandalf welcome. hope to see you on overpoch sometime. GLHF
  7. Introduction to Mr. Vindicte

    @Vindicte267   Welcome! Hope to see you on epoch soon hopefully its a friendly hello and not one look at each other in a scope
  8. Hey-o

    @7highstraight Hello and welcome to the forums GLHF
  9. Greetings from the Netherlands

    @blikzemfritz  Welcome and have fun might look for you in Dayx SA when i go back to it.
  10. Hello Hello

    @[member='BushWookie'] I have not seen you on lately but ya ill team up and play with you.
  11. Hey guys!

    @[member='Cameron'] where have you been havent seen you around the epoch server
  12. About me

    @[member='CumGetSome'] Cheers to the Purdue and the old school gaming looking back I kinda miss UT duke and Doom :(
  13. Hi class, my names Matt.

    @[member='Coach'] Welcome If you are every on dayz and looking for group play shoot me a message I will play with you.
  14. Ho Ho Ho

    @[member='Santa'] If you are looking for A group send me a message ill zombie hunt with you.
  15. Just a little bit about me!

    @Zudamour  Welcome to the Forums. In dayz do you lone wolf or enjoy small squad play? I am always up to team play during the week .  Weekends there is 3 of us that play for the most part but that might change with the new game and upcoming game releases this month.

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