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  1. From Pupil to Planet

    it is looking pretty good! it looked like the whole landing was being done manually in the video. maybe there will be a loitering charge or something kinda like there is in elite dangerous.
  2. Trading in mining areas

    Will stims be an illegal commodity? I am thinking from the sound of it they most likely are. 
  3. New Meeting Schedule

    so your meetings will be when game of thrones starts!
  4. Forth! To Kurawasa!

    well i have an Orion so i am looking for crew members. i also want to work with a group of explorers.
  5. i have an orion (LTI) Free Lancer Max  aurora lx   i plan on making money!
  6. Hud talk from some peeps who went to CIG LA

    well most of the hotas have profiles so you could set up profiles for diffrent ships 
  7. Dev comment on crew stations

    I just think it would be pretty cool it will help keep focus on task at hand. It will also make people feel like they are contributing something to the mission. In archeage people would run to the radar on ships just to try to get that job it is better than just sitting there doing nothing.
  8. did they fix the problem with getting into the game with friends?
  9. Star Citizen Assets: Asteroid City

    that's pretty cool 
  10. Im Joining up!

    welcome see you in teamspeak sometime
  11. I really want this game a lot.

    if you wait for it to get to that point you would have to pay full retail you can get in the game now for like 35 dollars buying a bundle instead of 60 for full retail and get the same starting ship
  12. This is a pretty good Cast to let you learn about all the aspects of the game  http://www.talesofcitizens.com/
  13. The Star Citizen Computer Load

    i also think the hangers are no where near being optimized wing commander runs pretty good but the hangers are pretty buggy and mostly just to look at what you have so you get some gratification with the purchase and don't have to wait a year or more to see it   
  14. Exploring the Horizons

    So guys/girls I have a Connie Aquila. The ship runs with a 4 man crew. It's going to be awhile before i am able to take this out for some exploring, but i am looking for a crew. I'm not sure about how cuts will work since we don't know too much about the economy for exploring, but i am willing to give fair wages if profit is made. Just post here and let me know if you are interested in this kind of stuff.
  15. elite dangerous?

    has anyone consider playing a little elite dangerous while waiting for Star Citizen? i dont own it but i was wondering peoples thoughts on it i know they are pretty different but itr would be a good way to pass the time i guess let me know what you guys think 

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