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  1. Freelancer MAX Mustang Omega   I am absolutely looking forward to trading, mining, and exploration.
  2. See what you get Chris Roberts?!

    I have actually seen this guy on YouTube before today, and that maniacal laugh still haunts me xD
  3. Battlestar Citizen

    This is not intended for a specific member of ADK at all. /s   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_-vzPYkOgU&list=UUeAkC35RkUVazgalgORRyYA
  4. Free Trial from DragonCon

    You beat me to the post! But I also wanted to mention that if you have a ship package other than an Aurora, you can use this code and get an Aurora trainer added to your hangar for the duration of the event. Therefore if you want to try out an Aurora for some reason, you can! I know I will...   Also, I think this would be a great time to introduce SC to other members of ADK, and gain interest in SC!
  5. Omni support for FPS confirmed. Kidding, but it would be kinda neat. I wonder how you would aim, is it trackIR for aiming? Does the gun simply provide the trigger mechanism? So many questions!
  6. Exploration; Ideas from the latest 10 for the Chairman

    I know they have met that goal, but this is a really crazy goal imo. Procedural generation is complicated*, especially on the level they are talking about. They allocated funding for the development and I hope it happens but it wont be soon. This is a very ambitious game, and I would not be surprised if some things were removed or altered.   Not that I think it cant be done, or wont be done. If anything, they should just do PG now instead of building all 100+ systems by hand. But honestly, (*) I know very little about PG from a technical stand point. I would give almost anything to work at CIG, or even just look over shoulders for a while.
  7. Battlefield 4 Discount

    Just wanted to shout out to the BF4 forum and let everyone know that you can get BF4 limited edition from Tiger Direct for $10 USD +shipping. Turns out to be around 14-15 USD so if you know anyone who might want to buy it, let them know!   Also, I was debating getting it. Convince me!   Forgot the link...
  8. Exploration; Ideas from the latest 10 for the Chairman

    I think the biggest thing that makes or breaks exploration is the post-release content. As soon as the game comes out, everyone will be exploring, fighting, buying, selling, crashing etc. After a while the excitement of release will have calmed down to the point where people are really starting to get into their roles. Explorers will have all of the new content to explore, often times finding things that have already been found, but still on occasion finding things no one has seen before.   By the way, supposedly 100 star systems at release.   Once this is all explored, the new stuff should start trickling in from CIG. Explorers will always be the first to discover all the things CIG adds in without telling us if they release it that way (as they have said). Then after a while, we MIGHT see SC add procedural development which would mean literally INFINITE new systems. There will need to be some limit to how often these can be made/found though IMO else people will just explore nonstop and the game would get flooded. Maybe limit distance traveled away from civilized areas using fuel as a limiting factor. IE it takes this much fuel to jump, and there is nowhere to buy fuel in these new systems.   All of this to say, if they pull off everything they claim, I will bow down to my new CIG overlords. Take all my (extra) money.
  9. I will have to give shadowplay a try. I typically avoid recording/streaming but it might be worth checking out.
  10. So I upgraded my Connie to the Pheonix...

    I really hope they make this true. With the connie carry capacity changes, currently a freelancer is almost worthless it seems :/ far less capacity for a bit of maneuverability. Of course we don't have all the game details yet xD but I really would love to see freelancers as space trucks. where hull-c/merchantman would be like trains/boats ect.
  11. The size of these ships amaze me. The amount of detail they put into the smaller ships makes my head explode thinking about these bigger ships. I don't know about eve online, but these ships are detailed inside and out!   "Report to the bridge"  *Proceed to hike a few km.   I hope the bagel carrier has lifts/transports! The interior of the carrier will literally be bigger than some of the landing zones!
  12. SMITE

    Hey, I play smite as well! Hopefully there are others and we can make a group in Smite!
  13. Introduction: Byrinman

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcomes! I will definitely be hanging around in Teamspeak to meet you all.
  14. Introduction: Byrinman

    Hello everyone! My name is Bryan, 22 years young, and just finishing off college. I love computers, technology, gaming, outer space, and my gamer fiance! I am excited to join up with ADK in Star Citizen and maybe other games, and I have already made some friends doing so.   As for my gaming past, I started playing computer games as soon as I could at a nice young age, having mostly played Super Nintendo, N64, and the likes before that. Built my first custom PC at 14 and it was all PC from there. I have played every genre of games that exists, and I jump around games a lot. My new game though is Star Citizen, which I am absolutely dying to see finished. I can definitely be competitive and have a lot of fun doing so, but I am more cooperative than competitive. I even raided in WoW 'professionally' if I wont get too much smack for that xD.   Socially, the small group of friends I played games with recently has fallen away and I am looking to make new friends and find a new gaming group. So far the people I have met with ADK have been friendly and I would enjoy being a part of the community.   See you around the 'verse!

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