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  1. Im Fluffy

    @[member='Dr.Fluffy'] Greetings.. looking forward to seeing you on the servers!
  2. Hello

    @[member='Street'] Greetings...welcome to the forums!
  3. Hi all :D

    @[member='SugarWaters'] Welcome!
  4. ZombieFather checking in....

    [sharedmedia=gallery:albums:335] i have been asked about my leg a few times.. here is some pics of my progress and final xrays...
  5. ZombieFather checking in....

    @[member='Laith SJ'] Really enjoyed working on achievements with ya.. any time u need help with anything hit me up!
  6. Leg

  7. Looking for advise

    I have been playing BF4 for about a year now... and still can't stay alive for shit....mt K/D is terrible!!! does anyone have any "custom settings" or vids that will help me with my performance... i am not that good at FPS games to begin with, but im trying....     thanks in advance....
  8. Am I the only Texan in ADK?!

    Im in Allen, just a lil bit north of Dallas... hit me up if yall want to get together for drinks or foods...
  9. 20 constructive forum posts

    Huge help! thanks for posting this!!
  10. ZombieFather checking in....

    I appreciate the warm welcomes!! am truly enjoying play with everyone!
  11. ZombieFather checking in....

    I just submitted an App.. can't wait to be part of the =ADK= Family!!!
  12. ZombieFather checking in....

    Sorry about the long AFK session... i ended up having another couple surges on my leg... total hardware failure caused the last one... I am up walking now and even driving!!! started a job at Pepsi Co as remote sever support!! so YAY!!! i am now back gaming and am looking forward to fragging with all of yall!! 
  13. ZombieFather checking in....

    Im back... after having two more surgeries on my leg (one of them an emergency surgery) i am back able to sit at my desk.  I have one more surgery scheduled for early December so hoping that i am not down to long from that one.  I was up and walking (with a walker) and now i am back in my wheelchair till maybe Feb of next year.  Hope to see everyone thru my scope soon  :D
  14. ZombieFather checking in....

    @[member='smashley'] Thanks! i go by Godfather in my motorcycle club and since i have a love for zombies, i figured it fit.. i also work at a professional haunted house south of Dallas as a dead groundskeeper.... 
  15. [BUY NOW] Battlefield 4 Reserved Slots

    my three month reserve slots are purchased.. honestly i wish i could do more for the clan, i know the cost to keep everything running must be huge.. but understand that when i have more, i will give more.  :)

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