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  1. Proof God Hates Airburst Campers

    lolll omg I had to click replay 3 times
  2. What is your secret ...

    Thanks for the tips =) I'm not that great at killing but I usually get many points healing, so I have a few healing tips too (at least for Operation Locker)   1. You don't need to be as close to revive as you think you do, you can be across the hallway/doorway from your teammate and revive many times, so don't be too scared   2. Pay attention to the squad bonus meter at the bottom and pick "combat medic" as your bonus, 3 notches in and you revive in half the time and it comes in so handy...likewise... if the meter is empty be aware the time could be longer than you would think to get a full or even halfway revive. I count to 8 really fast out loud if I find myself under-charging the paddles and it usually charges 100% with an empty squad bar.   3. Even if the map allows explosives I find the LVG to be too inconsistent with opportunities to kill, and it always feels like there's dead teammates everywhere when you un-equip the paddles, so try to resist the temptation, your score (and team) will thank you =D   4. I go right behind my very accurate and skilled squad, and when they die on the front lines I can sometimes get a few clumsy finish-em-off kills and revive them so we can move forward. I'm terrible at one vs one shooting matches so I feel helpful doing this   5. When you revive provide cover fire in the following seconds so your teammate can actually get away lol    6. Since I'm not usually on the front lines I spot like crazy since the attention will not turn to me by doing so   7. Ignore the people on the team that constantly yell at medics, they aren't targeting you specifically (usually!) hehe
  3. Finally got Premium...Metro Lockers here I come! XD

    1. White Death

      White Death


    2. Princess Puffalot

      Princess Puffalot

      Tried one round so far...so much camping is an understatement lol

  4. To My Future ADK Friends, What You Should Know

    @[member='Type2dk'] - Aww one day I really will be one of the best medics it's a day I truly long for but a positive k/d ratio would be nice first hahaha...thanks for gaming with me the past few weeks man =D    @[member='SuiicideMushroom'] - Nice meeting/shooting with you too, thank you for making me feel welcome on TS =)   @[member='Naruteitor'] - Aww thanks I see you all the time...I think! Let's play again soon! Next time I'll try to actually land a kill on you. =D   @[member='Scorpinox_1'] - Thanks for the kind words =) Truer words have never been spoken, but lol what movie is that gif from?   @[member='FeatherSton3'] - Hello to you too! I'll be keeping an eye and ear out for you as well, I need to be on TS more, see you soon =)     Also, @[member='gozzen'] , seeing your post again after all this time makes me realize how long I've been checking ADK out, I have to put in that application soon =)
  5. Turning Enemy's Into Friends In Battlefield 4

    LOL  that ending is hilarious
  6. Help! EU #5 Lockers Server, Admin Hacked?!

    Oh thank YOU guys for the swift banning, I'm just glad to know they weren't really handling the Admin controls!  Again sorry I wasn't able to provide direct evidence.
  7. Help! EU #5 Lockers Server, Admin Hacked?!

    I'm on the server now and hackers seem to have access to the admin stuff? Sorry if this was posted already I did a quick search but didn't find a recent one about these guys, I rushed over here because there was talk of people removing this server from their fave list and I didn't want that to happen!   Screenshot enclosed.   Edit : Sorry I pressed Print Screen a moment too late, I will have to get another screenie of the chat, or maybe its in the logs
  8. Battlefield 4 Discount

    Nice deal, but I hope you already ordered because when I click the link it says "Out of Stock"  lol
  9. bipod illegaly used by KYOKUSHIN20

    Even tho I too find the thought of hard to reach campers, honestly I feel like those people can only get away with it if the team doesn't rush them, and insteads camp themselves, which unfortunately happens alot.    I'm confused about the glitch part I guess because they're not becoming invincible when using bipod unless I'm mistaken, what makes it glitching? Or maybe I've never experienced this first hand? I play in the Operation Lockers solely though...
  10. Can't figure out why McDonalds peaches&cream pie is so good.

    1. gozzen


      Some things just can't be explained, only thing to do is dig in

    2. Princess Puffalot

      Princess Puffalot

      OH I DID. I bought 4 more yesterday and ate 4 yesterday. Too much digging? =D

    3. gozzen


      Well, thats depend if your a model or not

  11. Trolling conected to psychopaths and sadist

    When I tryed to play Dota2 the trolling was so bad I would come close to tears, and then when the troll would type into the "all" chat how terrible you are... :blush2: ...and the "STOP FEEDING THE ENEMY OMG" oh man.        @[member='Depressive_Sloth'] AGREED once I set the dota2 chat to hidden, I was able to focus on getting better and supporting my team, which of course repels trolling in the first place! Nowadays I am way more immune to trolls (most of the time!) 
  12. Can we be Friends?

    @[member='zbshadow'] welcome to the forums, your gaming resume is impressive lol the people here are nice especially the ones found in the BF4 rooms :D , and especially on the EU #5 server :lol: , always need more people cooperating in the TS so let's game soon!
  13. Anyone here in Florida?

    Hello Fort Lauderdale here, but I'm not a Florida native, and I'm also a hermit, so I'm not very familiar with the places outside my front door lol but I might like to check out this gaming place if it's nearby @[member='slipitin'] what kinda place is it?
  14. To My Future ADK Friends, What You Should Know

    :D Thank you fellow newbies!   And @[member='smashley'] your name alone makes you sound awesome to game with lol, let's game real soon!   @-GALLOWS- Thank you so much for the welcome, but oh wow I was confused before because I thought everyone was playing (regular?) DayZ (not Mod). I know this seems small but I only read of the medical system of Dayz Mod and already had googly eyes hehe it reminded me of Fallout a bit from what I read, I have neither game though, really only heard of both versions of this game recently, so if I did play I want it to be the right one! lol Can't wait to check it out now the hype is through the roof. 
  15. XSplit Battlefield 4 Black Screen Issues?

    Hey @[member='gozzen'] is borderless mode the same as windowed mode? Because windowed is the only 'non-fullscreen' way I have tried starting the game in to test    @[member='Dynasty'] - thanks, I'm going to DL and try it out, I try to support the open source option, especially when it's better lol...which is often, have been wanting to switch from xSplit for some time anyway and this BF4 issue is the dealbreaker     Will try borderless option and then download OBS later tonight/tomorrow! Thanks again guys for taking the time...

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