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  1. Member Picture Thread

    The babe and I at SD Zoo about a year ago.   [attachment=3892:usyayaya.jpg]   Me failing at Disneyland   [attachment=3893:memememe2.jpg]
  2. What are you listening to right now?

    Passion Pit - Constant Conversations   Indie/electronica
  3. Psycho-Pass

    Just letting everyone who hasn't heard of it, or watched it, that a new(ish) anime is out, and is MIND BLOWINGLY good. Google for more information, I'm seriously, if you haven't seen it, you need to watch it right now, season 2 is coming soon as well, and nothing is better than new anime.    
  4. knights of sidonia

    YES! Loved KoS.....like...A lot......like I binge watched all the episodes, then read the manga all in the same day.... A lot of phallic imagery though
  5. Psycho-Pass and Knights of Sidonia......you will love them
  6. Budskee Here!

    Thanks for the replies guys! So far I am really enjoying my stay. The guild on archeage is extremely helpful, and some good hearted people in the teamspeak. Everyone likes to joke around and it can get a little sarcastic at times, but when you need help, you get it. I will always be happy to put time in to help people like that. TY for making me feel welcome.
  7. Budskee Here!

    Hello ADK and affiliates!   My name is Jamison Burr(23), Im currently a student at CSUSM studying to be a pharmacist in my third year. I have been playing PC games for my entire life, starting with Age of Empires and Diablo. I found ADK through playing Planetside 2 and have met many great individuals. I enjoy reading, and perfecting my gaming abilities. I spend all other hours with my beautiful girlfriend.   I had 2 years play time on WoW, and was always ontop of my game. Most of my early gaming life was counter-strike and diablo 2, of which I would spent every available hour playing. I have become more of a casual game player since I have started college, but my abilities are still top tier. I just cannot commit the hours that I used to. I am a confident, honest, and loyal individual looking to make some new friends, and perhaps form lasting relationships with other people that like to kick ass as much as I do.   I will be more than happy to answer any questions and hope that I will be able to become a contributing member of ADK soon.   Thank you, Jamison

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