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  1. If you like anime plz check this out

    Wrong place for that bud. Try a different thread.
  2. If you like anime plz check this out

    This isn't a site that is all about streaming anime. You would know that f you actually paid attention to what i have written. It is a site where people can express themselves about anime and have conversations and a good time with other people. It just so happens that it may be able to stream anime soon. 
  3. I can't believe Jack has cancer. All i want to say is Happy Father's Day @jacknifejones

  4. If you like anime plz check this out

    My name is coconutties, and my uncle has a website with a forum, and stuff. Its mostly a place where people can share their interest in anime and such. The main thing is he just updated to ISP4 so all the cool stuff hasn't really updated yet with it. He is at a lack of members and is looking for feedback on things people like and dislike. He used to have games and other stuff. He plans on being able to stream anime on the website pretty soon too so if you would all just do me and him a favor we would love it if you would visit and even make an account on hvanime.com . It would really mean a lot to us. 
  5. just changed my origin name not gonna change anything else

  6. I think im going to be changing my name in the coming months to get ready for the new Battlefront

    1. QQtiePie


      Ooh any ideas?



      Hopefully my name would be open but im gonna be changing is relatively soon on Origin

  7. Welcome to the New Website!

    Actually I remember the post saying something about something else then some reason I was here.
  8. Welcome to the New Website!

    It literally came up on my phone. Was too distracted to look at dates lmfao.
  9. Welcome to the New Website!

    Been wanting to check it out.
  10. Players added to The Friends list topic

    add me  xCowSlayerx level 30 silver 5       @COCONUTTIES   You were added to the list, You were moved by Nightmare.
  11. got my PC up and running perfectly again. had an issue with my OS

  12. school sucks :(

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. HaRdLy007


      School rocks! Both my girls are going now!

    3. Naru


      thats great 007 but i personally hate all the work i have to do.

  13. WOOT got accepted into ADK. :D

  14. I am exhausted. Still helping my grandfather put his fence up.

  15. R9 270. Replace with a better Nvidia card or not?

    I have water cooling and a rose will blackhawk. Lots of airflow

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