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  1. all right... i skeeted

    Amazing.... Almost as cool as your avatar
  2. Simplemoto

    Indeed we did bitches. That was a fun round haha. I had one today where I went 71-6 on your Metro with explosives xD
  3. Skrillex - Bangarang

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJVmu6yttiw Hey guys, I know this isn't exactly fresh news or anything, but this is easily my favourite track of anything at the moment. It isn't even just the music, but the video that gets to me as it really references the movie Hook with the lost boys etc. If you haven't heard it before please check it out and watch the whole thing! Then proceed to check out a bunch of his other stuff, he has some really sick tracks. PS: I challenge you to crank this up and NOT headbang to it..... it's impossible lol
  4. The Hunger Games

    For anyone hesitant about this movie, it is 100% worth it. Great film and now I really want to read the books lol
  5. This why i love BF3

    I have fraps and would love to do some neat stuff like this in game with you guys. Also the video was hilarious, but I'm with nova on the teabagging..... tasteless imo
  6. Simplemoto

    Hey guys, I guess I'll get right into it; My name is Brandon, I'm 23 years old, live in Edmonton Alberta (Canada), have been playing the battlefield seriest since BF2 and am absolutely in love with BF3 at the moment (Currently 60 hours played and I just hit 45). Some other games I play include SWTOR, LoL, various steam titles, and WoW (not so much anymore). My interest in ADK mainly stems from a desire to play competitive FPS which I've never done before, sad panda. If you guys want to play any of these games with me just give me a shout, I'm trying to stay in TS as much as I can so I can get to know you fellas a little bit better. Wish me luck in joining your ranks and I'll see you on the battlefield! PS: This thread is secretly about ponies (subliminal messaging and all that)

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