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      =ADK= Discord Link   04/24/2017

      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 


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    i7 Six Core Processor i7-3930K
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  1. Favorite nation and class lines

    DD: Has to be the Japanese CA: US all the way, Atlanta is a beast against DD and aircraft and anyone not paying attention BB: meh too sloooooow CV: US.  Whats not to like about tearing up the other guys attack wing
  2. Any other players?

    I have started the grind on the NA servers so I can join in with you chaps sailing the seven sea's and giving the American pig dog a taste of good Japanese Steel :)  IGN Crazyassgaming
  3. Streaming some pre recorded gameplay mainly to test the stream quality and tweak if I need to. If you want to stream while I am streaming today just pop into the twitch chat and let me know
  4. Pumpkin Carving - =ADK= Style!

    And remember they make an excellent soup afterwards...... weeks of pumpkin soup... weeks... nothing but fracking pumpkin soup... oh god the childhood memories
  5. LOL newb

    Because I am stupid I have been playing on the EU west servers...  I now have a NA account and will be online asap to play with you guys  IGN is AngryPandaXL   I have been playing around with the free champoins and have fallen in love with Jinx, she is AWESOME if a little squishy early on.
  6. LOL newb

    been trying to get my account reactivated but it seems its been deleted permanently, £50 wasted and I am a very fecked off Panda now
  7. LOL newb

    hi guys   I am going to re download this game over the weekend and hopefully find some time to learn how to play. I used to play at release but thats about it.   any advice?   I will read the advice n tips sticky as well
  8. pics

  9. Greetings Chaps

    Good morning chaps   I am Alex, AKA The AngryPanda, a mildly insane but mostly harmless English chap. I have an accent that tends to elicit questions such as, 'Are you a Bond villian/Scottish/Captain Picard'.  I am baffled by this, though I must admit to having a thing for Young Ladies with that 'Southern Belle' style accent.   Frankly 10 minutes of any woman speaking to me and I have to go and have a lay down in a darkened room, this causes problems at the dinner table with my girlfriend.   I don't smoke, gave up 3 years ago and use an E cigarette now, much healthier. I do Drink. I try not to, but sometimes I do it for so long I fall asleep.   Age.. I'm 45. An old fart I know but also an experienced devil. I played the First Doom and felt it was WOW cool. I remember the days of Civ 1 and of Simcity from some bloke called Sid. Elite was the cutting edge of gameplay and when you could network the computers and play Doom with other people... the world wasn't ready for this insanity.   I am ex Army, Engineers, with the ability to parachute out of a really crappy aircraft and build a bridge on your lawn and blow up your daughter.  I also have the ability to STFU and get the job done, but in quieter moments expect me to make fun of anything I can.  I can baby sit a squad or a platoon to cover bio/smoke/gf breaks as required. I can also come to your house, pee in your toilet, smoke your cigarettes and take care of your gf (if she is cute and has The accent).   I wont die for my squad, I will however allow you to do so with a full magazine and my laughter ringing in your ears. However if you wish me to charge a line of maxes I will do it if you can give me a sound tactical reason   I am semi retired now after the company I worked for went bust (THQ). I do some IT support for a local company and make videos for my youtube Channel, They are really good and are way better than Angwy Joe or wrel... no not really.   Games.... Plannetside 2     Yeees! Day Z      (about 4 hours but I found a cowboy hat) Napoleon Total war    Vive Le Emperor Eve Online       (if you need rocks destroying, I'm your guy) Xcom           Alien Freaks Banished    Like building a town 40K stuff from Relic (Also keep an eye open for Eternal Crusade) 40K best sci-fi  storyline ever War Thunder       Dakka dakka from the skies CoH, CoH2   I try hard Starcraft2     I try harder Bloodbowl     Skaven Rule Euro Truck Sim     Crashtastic Rift     Everyone likes an MMO Civ V     Classic Shadowrun Returns     Old school nerding returns LoL      hmm yeah kinda ish ok Warface      Played since alpha and still not sure but pretty Mount and Blade      Fun playing as a Napoleonic soldiers with others   I think thats the most played his month.   I has mic and am TS ready   So Gentlemen, thats me..... mostly.    Any Questions?

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