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  1. New Gaming Rig

    thanks guys for your input.
  2. New Gaming Rig

    just a pc build. already have a choice for display, and peripherals. have windows 8 too
  3. New Gaming Rig

    i would, but the thing is, i dont have a job at the moment, but i am trying to get one soon
  4. New Gaming Rig

    Hi guys, I am in need of a new desktop, and i need some opinions on what parts i should use to build it. Could you guys recommend various PC builds? Here are a few restrictions: -MB and Processor do not have to be the OKing type -GPU should not be over $350 -Dont need more than 500 Gb -Budget is $900-$1100 Thanks in advance for your comments
  5. Hello ADK- N0084L1F3

    yes some of you have said that my name is noo 84 l 1 3. i forgive you for saying that. it is pronounced noob for life. now i am here to tell you all that this new outfit that i have joined is amazing. you can always find someone to talk to in teamspeak, and the squads htat we run are very effective. i hope to stay with you guys until i am atleast 53. i want this gaming community to be a part of my time. and i do expect to be here for a very long time
  6. Exploding Rage.

    Hey man just keep on playing, and i'm sure you will make some new friends. And who knows, maybe they might just be more loyal.

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