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  1. Not just another application

    Horrible community, I saw the other side of things, no one was welcoming and everyone actually turned against me because I was new, and better then them at things. It was like a high school drama issue, but through the whole teamspeak.   Glad I was declined, ignorant HR Manager who doesn't care about anything other then BF4 & MC. Ignorant MC head admin and members who didn't like me because I was a applicant and a admin vouched for me. And don't worry guys, you will get the whole staff team yelling at you if you say the word 'penis'. Enough said, bad community do not recommend, go on www.reddit.com you will see a bigger post about this horrible community on the front page in a few days. GL fellows. Rot in pieces. 
  2. Iowa!

    I rather not meet up with anyone after my bad experience with Vladimir being a trolling cunt. Enough said.
  3. Not just another application

    @[member='darkelf1'] Already have all of my posts in! Thank you for the complement and the welcome :)
  4. Kayle General KNOWN BUGDue to a bug, Kayle is temporarily receiving 2.2 attack speed per level ⇒ 2.5 attack speed per level. This will be reverted as soon as possible! Play kayle win games, hurry before it is fixed, the bug is still in effect as of 6:30am CST  
  5. The New Tier in League of Legends

    My quest has been extended... it is no longer at a halt!
  6. NA Ranked Team

    @[member='Phreaktaco'] I can ADC not very good at it till late-early game. And I can only play a few ADC's, Cait, Vayne, Varus.   @[member='awesomeness'] I can jungle, I jungle main.
  7. Not just another application

    Thank you, I also agree Goolash brother! You are the 4th, our parents must be 'busy' wink wink. just saying.... this is my 20th post! woot, member on Monday!!
  8. Not just another application

    Thanks alot, Hope to see you around the community :D
  9. Not just another application

    Sweet thank you, I spend too much time on the computer though, I need to go outside and play, haha. The sacrifices I have to make to try to do what I love, there are more than people think.
  10. =ADK= League of Legends - Friends List

    Pannucci > 30 Cynik Havoc > 30 SingleLift > 15 Havoc > 30
  11. Iowa!

    Comment here if you are in Iowa, I'm currently in Cedar Rapids iowa, hopefully there aren't any city folk out there, haha just kidding.
  12. Im the NEW Recruiter for LOL

    Well, hopefully you will take a look at my app. Congratz on becoming the new recruiter :D
  13. Soooo.... Gnar

    Gnar is going to be so strong top, with his only good counter being teemo.. here comes more satan players... I mean... Teemo players.
  14. The perfect computer

    What do you think the perfect computer would be? Is it factory made? or custom made? Specs?
  15. Not just another application

    We will spend some time in the arena for sure. Just waiting for my app to have a response.

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