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    34 Years old
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    I have a passion for games period.... console,s,PC,board games. I also enjoy traveling and good times with friends and family. I work in sales and have for over 15 years but recently decided to go back to school for technology management.I will be updating this from time to time please send me a friend request so far all the ADK members have been awesome

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    stillgotsklll   skill spelled with 3 L's
  2. The world got itself in a BiG dAMN hURRY.....

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. thatirishguy


      For real???? Fuck. Get on TS or something. Or come by the house. I knew we should have loaded AVG Anti theft on that fucking thing.

    3. mr_phreez


      yep. Anti theft eh? Yea will do i feel so lost without it

    4. thatirishguy


      I bet. Stop by today/this evening/tonight? Amanda is working all night so I will be here with some blueberry, by myself. Just gotta go to the grocery store today.

  3. Teamspeak Is down....MaN dOwN!

  4. Errr my teamspeak is not working.....Here is what is happening.....So whenever I click on teamspeak I see it load up on the taskbar. I can also see it if I hover my mouse over the icon on the taskbar. However when I actually click on it to maximize it, it doesn't show up.
  5. @[member='Aseeraa'] Thanks adding ya now.   @[member='lickmybrown'] lv 9
  6. Ive been Thinking about trying ranked play out......I wanted to get to level 10 and get some experience also I thought i would of found my "go to" champion by now....   so @[member='lickmybrown'] im staying with co-op for a while longer so i do need someone to play with? I will add ya
  7. @[member='lickmybrown'] heck yea. when will you be on today? i will after work
  8. Oh look new stuff!

    thx for the info. I think its for the better. Tower changes is great in my opinion. Im getting on now if ya wanna play? im on teamspeak as well
  9. update

    well see....Looks kinda cool
  10. Ahhh ive missed LOL.......Getting on now for a few if anyone wants to play
  11. Hey can anyone get on teamspeak with me for a few ...?
  12. I'm getting on LOL in a few so if your up for it hit me up.
  13. hey thanks so much....Very funny

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