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    you cant win, if you have a high kdr, your hacker because no one on I this world of 6 BILLION people can be better than him. if you have a low kdr, they say you must have just started hacking because your kdr is so low. its like talking to a brick wall, your better off staying silent and just let them bitch to the admin and just take the ban, because most of those admins are the same immature little brats that cant stand someone better. theres a reason why i call it chatfield3: modern hackusations.
  2. BF3 Community - Help Needed!

    dont make the EA overlord mad...
  3. thinking of booting BF:BC up again

    same boat here my bc2 is with steam (a much better platform EA!). but last i saw bf2 was around $9 on amazon which is pretty reasonable, im pretty sure origin would sell for ALOT more.

    you hit it square on the nail. thats the whole freakin problem to begin with...STATS. if ther were no stats tracking people would have more fun, no more bithing about dying, no more hackusations because soemone has a higher kdr, no more whining about OP weapons because dying is just part of the game. but somehow we got treat this game like its a extension of our lves. its SERIOUS BUSINESS...
  5. =ADK= Gamers| FAST RANK | TDM | ADKGamers.com Server

    whatever happened to releasing the server files so regular people wih a decent connection can host their own? oh wait, they started caring about stats so no one can have a private server because there will be cheating and exploiting for better stats. man i dont know when they started adding rpg like aspects to a FPS, that whole movemen is what screwed up fps in the first place. i could care less about my stats, its about having fun. but for some reason thefps community thought t would be good to tracks every single bullet that came out of the barrel. now we got stat whores who whine and cry over getting killed by almost any weapon that someones good at. then you got people looking at your stats calling ou a hacker because of some ridiculous idea that your supposed to have the same stats like them or your hacking. its because of stats thats the community has taken a turn for the worst. they dont want their kdr to look bad so they bitch over every single death they get. they cry over OP weapons because they dont want their spm or rounds won to look bad. if there were no stats to track your skill, people would have never complained as much as they do now.

    hey medica do a good job okay, its their job to forget that the guy standing next to just got killed. the paddles are only for warming up lunch they brought with em in their med packs that they never throw down...
  7. thinking of booting BF:BC up again

    lol forget dvd/cd drive i dont even have the original cd. guess ill have to buy it from amazon and use their download service.
  8. Dear DICE/EA

    the whole game itself is devoid of all avenues for improvement. you post a thread criticizing them you get banned by moderators that have been found to be cheaters also. then they use a third party system to voice concerns that take months for them to even read. why even have battlelog or getsatisfaction in the 1st place? dont even get me started on their game advisors or customer service, you get some dude that can barely speak english all he can do is copy and paste all responses they get from a prewritten book. the game is goin downthe drain. changing things that dont need to be changed and not even fixing things they need to fix. btw-fall dmg is WORSE than before. parachute gliding is a joke. and vaulting/jumping is like a stairmaster exercise.
  9. Dear DICE/EA

    im glad OP you didnt post this in battlelog. otherwise youll find yourself banned.
  10. thinking of booting BF:BC up again

    lol bf2 was a much more polished game. then again bf3 has had only 6 months since release. lets give em some more time to fuck it up even worse.

    remember folks engineers are hard working folks what with being tasked with blowing up tanks, throwing mines down, and magically repairing tanks with a blow torch. dont be so critical, show some empathy.
  12. thinking of booting BF:BC up again

    i agree. though weapons and customizations arent as good as bf3 but the general feel of bc2 is a lot more solid. vaulting over objects is by far the most poorly applied mechanic in bf3 not to mention black screens, random disconnects, sigh...i miss my at4.
  13. Anyone getting Guild Wars 2?

    wow that sucks. i dont think HoM is really that important in gw2. they havent clarified whether or not the epic armor or weapons will really carry over to any character or profession yet. yea the titles were fun, but i get the feelin they probably hyped up the HoM because i dont see my charr running around with epic armor at the start.
  14. Anyone getting Guild Wars 2?

    alrdy pre-purchased the one in the middle without all the collectors edition stuff. just waiting for it so i can bring all my gw1 stuff over. once its released, bye bye chatfield3:modern hackusations. good riddance to all platforms developed by EA, churning out half-assed products.
  15. Letter to The New FPS Community

    Before I start this exposé, I would like to clarify my intentions. This isn't directed towards every person inthe gamin community, it's more towards the newer generation of players that have delved into the the whole genre of FPS games. Unfortunately, it's an indictment on the current mindset and attitude of the players we encounter everytime we logon. If you take this personally, I hope you would just ignore it as you would any other player you find reprehensible. The reason I posted this here is mainly because battlelog is not a forum for discussion but more a trollin forum. DICE won't take any critism that would make them look incompetent. They would rather delete your post or even worse, ban you from battlelog period. As I have noticed going to he forums at EA or battlelo is utterly pointless as new threads get created every minute. More than likely this post would get drowned out on battlelog by the trolls and incoherent banter on people who would rather speak internetz txt lingo than speak intelligently. So with no further delay (please ignore some of my spelling errors as its hard to type on a tablet). To the new FPS community, As the genre of FPS has improved dramatically over the past decade, I have seen huge leaps forward in technology and design. The games we play now look almost lifelike in some instances and game physics immerse us into a world in which I am totally amazed. From the release of Half Life 2 to Far Cry to COD to Crysis to BF3, the genre has been improved immensely compared to the Quake and old Counter Strike days. With the improvements also came a new community, as the playerbase expanded from just Quake and CS players to COD, Crysis, and BF3. Mostly the FPS online community was a small slice of players out of the larger piece of the pie back more than a decade ago when some ran off of 14k 28k and even 56k modems. The push for affordable broadband allowed corporations such as Valve and EA to cater to much larger goup of players albeit a much larger slice of the youth population also. This new wave of players from all different age groups brought on a different kind of player base. We can attest to the fact that there are more young teenage players enjoying these games than ever before. But also those who havent really had much experience with the FPS genre altogether. Cluster all the inexperienced player base together and most people can agree that the community has taken a left turn not for the better. From the inexperienced players to the younger ones, we can all see that the community has become a complete circus. Not to mention even the old timers sometimes exhibit the same attributes as well. From this new influx of players. we can see anmuch more immature community. I'm not saying all younger players are immature, I'm highlighting not only the young ones but also the inexperienced and old timers. From constant insults to hackusations, most of the community is filled with those that can't except their own mistakes much less take responsibility for them. Taken into perspective, the FPS playerbase has been homogenized and reduce down to two types of players. The Newb/Noob and the Hack/Exploiter/Glitcher. I am not condoning hacking, exploits, o glitchers, but it seems most players can't take the game for what it is. Its a video game, nothing more nothing less. This is not real life, your score, your rank, and even tour stats do not translate into a becomin a better human being. It does not translate into a lengthy experienced resume giving you the job of your dreams. It sure as hell doesnt translate into your sexual prowess. Its a video game on the internet played anonymously by millions of people all with their own lives and their own problems. I can't stress that enough, your virtual soldier does not equate to the value of your existence in life. If it means that much to you, please stop playing because this game is not a place to develop into a well rounded member of society, it is just a place to get your rocks off when you have nothing better to do. With that said, stop taking it personally when someone kills you ingame. Stop throwing insults as to the noobish weapon they are using. Stop throwing hackusations around. Maybe the reason you go killed ingame is because of poor aim an the time? Maybe its because you used poor tactics at the time? Maybe its because reacted to slowly? Maybe its because you didnt pay attention to our minimap? Maybe its because you didnt check that corner well enough? Maybe its because you went against someone with a better gun? Maybe its because of poor netcode and you lagged out? The reasons are endless as to why or how you were killed. But instead its always two reasons, hes using a noob gun or hes a hacker. In all the possibilities, you chose to ignore the fact that maybe, just maybe you were the one responsible for your own demise. It can never be your screwup, it always someone elses fault. You dont have any problems, it those noobs and hackers that account for all your deaths. How about taking a step back and examining yourself? How about compliment the guy who killed you as he obviously was the better shooter at the time. How about thinking about what you did and instead of running balls to the wall into the fray, use your team to help? Instead, the game itself has taken a dive and devolved for the worst because the community utlimately changed the meta. At first it was the m320 and the rpgs. They were too OP because someone didnt like the fact that couldnt run headon at the opposing team or they couldnt camp a certain area because the explosive spam was far reaching. Then it was famas, it fires too fast and no recoil. Not realizing that it was not OP at all compared to the USAS. So both guns got destroyed along with m320 and rpgs. It would was like I could see the future after the latest patch, everyone running around with m16s, support with bipod spamming lead, nade spamming wihthe infinite ammo and so on. Even after all this mess that was created with the latest patch, I still dont want DICE to patch anything anymore. I dont even nade spam, use the m16 or spam suppression, but I sure as hell dot want DICE changing the gameplay again. Leave it as it is now, the m16 is NOT OP, suppression is annoying but ill get over it, and frankly nade spamming is not that hard to counter. With the current state of the community, the immature attitude hasnt changed. The weapons that most players whined about got nerfed to oblivion. Now theyre screaming nerf the m16. Nerf the LMGs. Nerf the nade spamming. Its only a matter of time before they will find another thing to complain about. Instead of boiling down everyone who killed you into two groups, take it and move on. Its a game, treat it as such. Your not getting paid to play, nor is it gonna guarantee you anything in life, so why bother getting pissed? Sure, the guy is nade spamming for his kills, so what? Thats his style of play, he paid for it just like you. Stop trying to make other people play the game the way you want them to play because if they did, you would be winning all the time right? Whats the fun in that? Just because you dont like the m16 doesnt mean No one else can play it. Just because you dont like the m320 doesnt mean someone else should be forced to use your kit. Its not your game, in fact it not anyones game really, its EAs game. They can hange it however they like. When they do change it, its most likely going to resemble those who are more vocal with their whining. If everyone played fair in your mind, the game would cease to exist. Everybody has a different view of fairness. I see fairness in that the game should be rolled back to when it was first released. Am I a noob? Why is your opinion more valid than anyone elses. Please stop playing this game like a child, nothing in this world is fair. If it was, we'd all be eatig ice cream and singing "Its a small world after all". Dont think that just because its your video game and your computer that everyone should play by your rules. Please stop whining like a prepusant teenager about how the game should be your way or no way at all. You didnt get killed because that player was a noob spamming nades, m320, or using the m16. You go killed because its a game. Take it as such. Please please please grow up. For the inexperienced players, pplease realize that some players come from a alot of different backgrounds. Some played COD, some played CS, and some played both. More experienced players will catch onto the game alot quicker and ultimately fine tune their gameplay to coincide with their strengths. Not everyone is hacking, in fact it still a small portion in comparison to the big picture. Most CS and COD players are twitch and fast reaction gamers. Thats the nature of where they come from, when they get used to a certain gun, they can and almost always look like they are hacking. They learned way before hand how to use the minimap, footsteps, team-death indicators, sounds, and cover to their advantage. Most who played CS know how recoil and spread affects almost every gun in that game. It only takes a little while before they get the feel for the game and then its over. Considering that many guns in BF3 behave almost exactly the same, its very easy to adapt. In CS, some guns recoil was horrid, 2 rounds and after that your not hitting a damn thing. The guns had a huge spectrum of dmg. From the AWP which was a one hit kill anywhere as long as i was center mass to the Mac10 whic was a pea shooter that couldnt't hi the broad side of a barn sometimes. But every player had their niche. Some loved using SMGs like the TMP MAC10 and MP5 like me. Some loved sniping. Some were AK and M4 nuts. There wasnt alot of whining and crying about the game mechanics. Nothing was OP. You just learned to counter or shoot better. With the wide range of weapons to pick from in BF3, froem explosives to vehicles, why is anyone crying about one or two guns being OP. You have a huge gambit of weapons to choose from. Your not foced to go toe to toe with AWPer with your smg because you couldn't afford a better weapon or smoke/flash nades like in CS. Your not forced to go toe to toe with MGunner with your m1 on DOD. Instead on BF3 you have a crapload of choices to counter anyone using any type of weapon. So what is there to complain about? Got a LMG spammer? Shoot some 40mm nades or rpgs his way, that'll fix him. The choices are endless in this game, there is no be all or end all weapon yet people run around like they have no other hoice than to run into a clusterfucked room full of people where m320s and rpgs are being spammed. When it came to objectives in CS, you had guns, nades, and bunny hopping. thats all you had, you either got better or just left. Somehow the BF3 community would rather not improve themselves, but drag everybody down totheir level. You aim better than me? Ill get your gun nerfed because its noob. You shot me in the back? Your a hacker. Instead of imrpoving upon yourself, you see fit to throw everyone under the bus. Its like the kid who didnt do good on their test, so instead of studying he just complains to daddy(DICE) and has the principle(EA) change the whole system changed to benefit himself. Why not ask the guy for a few pointers? if you dont wanna improve than just enjoy the game, why run around screaming like a child about how you couldnt dominate the game? and...End rant. Sincerely, No one in paricular.
  16. Letter to The New FPS Community

    I admit it probably does sound kinda like a rant against against youngens but not what I intended since a child can live inside even a 50 yr old man. It was mainly to get players to take an intospective look at themselves than blame everything on the game or other players. Your servers are the only ones it seems to actually give a reasonable look at players rather than ban them on a whim. Thanks for the edit.
  17. Letter to The New FPS Community

    i think my post got lost in translation. I was complimenting your servers and the way they are ran. the m26 response is just a joke. i would much rather use the mass as intended then resort to a glitch. beig grouped with hackers and glitchers just makes me turn off chat. also if you guys could, my second post was intended to be grouped with the first post but i forgot to paste it in. if you guys could help me edit it that would be great thanks.
  18. Letter to The New FPS Community

    No, thank you. ADK server are the one of only a few servers I can play on without getting kicked or banned. The hackusations have gotten outta hand. Im not even exploiting the heavy barrel underslung m26 dart glitch and I never hear the end of how I'm hacking with the mass or m26 slug. I use the m26 as its intended as the famas cant even have a underslung rail. But now im considering using the m26 dart glitch with the underslung barrel even though I dont use any assault rifles wih the underslung option. might as well join the crowd if im already grouped into it.
  19. Bad piloting at it's finest.

    lol, i suck at piloting those damn choppers. ive resorted to just AAing every jet and chopper i see. Made my accuracy go to crap.
  20. I can't wait!!!!

    remember...we need to save more and tighten our belts. because she needs to use our tax dollars for $10,000 wine, $100,000 flights, and who knows how much for that plastic surgery.
  21. How to get lazy people to get off their asses...

    since in some way shape or form our tax dollars are payin for this, can i have a requirement? i would like all those recipients to undergo drug testing and psychological evaluations. were giving money away right? might as well pay some psychologists and drug companies because itll help the economy.
  22. The race card

    if hes half black and half white then is t his white side constantly trying to enslave his black side? i dont see multiple personalities do you? but it would be too ignorant to call him an American. nonono we cant have people assimilating, that hurts class warfare.
  23. Republican Debate - September 7th

    ill support romney if i have to. but honestly i dont hink he has a foot to stand on when debating our appeaser in chief. the biggest flaw is socialized healthcare, how can he even debate him when he himself created the system it was based on. i like to have gingrich win but then again im delusional.............
  24. Thought this was funny. .

    unemployment rates are stellar? 8.0% + is stellar? dont forget that number doesnt even count those who gave up looking for jobs altogether. they even count parttime workers are full time gainfully employed. want the real number? its around 17.0% and rising. its has NOTHING to do with jobs that people dont want. when you hire somebody underthe table you drive the average salary of everyone else along that economic chain DOWN. why pay you a decent salary and benefits when i can hire an illegal for less than minimum wage and no benefits. also when they get hurt and have to use our medical system, hospitals cant refuse treatment. so who pays for their medical costs? you do. who pays for their jailtime when they never paid taxes in the first place to trickle back to state or federal funded correctional facilities? you do. who pays for their education when most families never paid taxes to begin with? you do. the world aint perfect, but it sure as hell isnt a reason to just give up and let it fall to the wayside.
  25. Thank AZ! THANK YOU!!!

    yea...lets justs open the borders up so every hard working tom dick and harry can come in and make our country better right? but wait...none of them pay taxes? some even live off of welfare and medicaid off our dime? did they even pay into the system before takin from us? wait...they dont have papers, so that means they can committ crimes and have no trace left behind because they dont exist on paper? oh wait...this is alrdy happening.

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