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  1. What's your take on gnar?

    Phreaktaco... your ego seriously seems to have its own orbit. I reckon, before long, Nasa will be sticking flags in your ego... or Russia for that matter. Maybe your face has sustained multiple meteorite impacts, explains why you insult others...
  2. =ADK= League of Legends - Friends List

    Exalted777, level 30, EUW :)
  3. Hey! Introducing myself finally

    I dun goofd... I read the wrong part aha, my bad :P Hey Darkelf1, still a nice name ;) 
  4. Hey! Just starting again!

    Aww... Why is everyone on NA... come play EUW :P
  5. Hey! Introducing myself finally

    Thanks Fanatic :) nice name btw :P 
  6. Im the NEW Recruiter for LOL

    Hey, welcome to the community, I'm a very new person myself but it's nice to see people making so much effort to better the community :) one of the major reasons I decided to join, so thank you for all your help :) and hopefully I can see on you on league or some other games some time!
  7. Hey! Introducing myself finally

    No worries man, I was alliance for 6 years :P I can play my DK and Rogue with you :) 
  8. Soooo.... Gnar

    Gnar will get nurfed so hard though... he looks incredibly overpowered, guarantee it'll be a minimum of two patches until the hardcore nurf is put into place.
  9. The New Tier in League of Legends

    Oh my god... okay, new goals in life, ranked, master, woo... I wanna be a master at League! Teach me please :( 
  10. Hey! Introducing myself finally

    Yeah sure man! However, I'm mainly horde ;) 90 horde mage with full prideful, and a 90 warrior that I don't really play :P I'm on stormscale! so yeah, add me! Exalted#2598
  11. Hey, I'm Matt!   My in game name is usually exalted777, it's what I have gone with for multiple years now :) I mainly play League of Legends, World of Warcraft and other random games, basically ask me what game and I bet I either have or will play it with you :P I love playing with people, best part about the internet, I'm incredibly social and outgoing, hopefully don't come across to strong and full on, sorry if I do :P   I heard about ADK through multiple friends in the League of Legends and War Thunder divisions, and, well, they're awesome people :) So I thought that I'd love to meet more awesome people like that and make more friends!   Thanks for reading this post :)   My EUW League of Legends account is: Exalted777 My Steam account is: jaytiger209   If you have any questions or wanna hit me up, drop me a message :) 

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