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  1. So it begins.

    @[member='toggled'] Welcome,  I'm more of a PC guy myself so I might not see you on ps2/ps3.    When I do play consol its normally because a friend begged me to jump on my Xbox 360.      If you have any questions on anything feel free to ask.  If I don't know the answer,  I will be more than willing to figure it out for ya.
  2. MadMutt_Matt

    For those of you playing on server 5  feel free to add me on Origin Madmutt_matt   Its the main server I play on.  I really don't play on other servers unless invited to play on a different server.   Ill jump in teamspeak once and awhile to see if anyone is in server 5 chat.  If i'm not in chat, check origin to see if i'm on and send me a message ill log in.     MadMutt_Matt
  3. Server 5 Mortars ?

    @[member='1DesertPanther'] @[member='DestinedToFlail']  Thanks guys.   They don't bug me as much as they did in BF3,  I just thought I would throw it out there.   You are right though easy to avoid.   I have not played to much of BF4 but I am working my rank up.
  4. exclvsive reporting in!

  5. Server 5 Mortars ?

    Thank you guys for your response.    Its nice to see others perspectives and I do agree.  Just thought I would check to see what everyone thought. Thank you :-)
  6. MadMutt_Matt

    @[member='MrsVirtue1776'] @[member='KnightsX']@[member='darkelf1'] @[member='bjswick33']  If you guys want you can add me to Origin MadMutt_Matt  Just easier for quick invites and what not.   
  7. Server 5 Mortars ?

    Hey everyone I just had a question about using mortars in server 5.   Is there a way we can ban mortars in server 5?  Reason being there are 64 people in a small map.  Easy points for who ever is using them and to me kind of dulls the game a bit because all the buildings are destroyed right off the bat.   I don't know if this has ever been a problem to anyone else or just me.   Really not that big of a deal it won't stop me from playing on the server just thought I would check and get others opinions. 
  8. MadMutt_Matt

    @[member='KnightsX']  Thank you.   Ill try to fit in the best I can ;-)
  9. MadMutt_Matt

    @[member='MrsVirtue1776']  I never really got to play 1942.  I started playing bf2 at Best buy and told my dad I wanted it.  He played it with me for a bit then I just kinda took off a lot more then he did on it.  @[member='darkelf1'] I did also play 2142  It was a lot different and kind of a strange version of battlefield but I did play it a lot when it came out.   I have also played CoD only because my friend bought the game for me so I would play it with him lol. @[member='bjswick33']  Ill try to be on when I can.  Saturday I wont be on much because I have a Wedding I am doing photos for but maybe that night Ill be on.
  10. NoahWelborn

    Welcome @[member='NoahWelborn']  I also play LoL.   Not really much into ranked games but feel free to add me pathhunter or madmuttmatt
  11. A Wild Zanzabeak Appears!!

    Also for those of you that Play LoL you can add me I believe its Pathhunter or madmuttmatt. Try both :-p
  12. A Wild Zanzabeak Appears!!

    @[member='Zanzabeak'] Hell yeah to Huskies however I do not own any yet.   I have a friend that owns 100% Wolves.  Kind of scare the shit out of me but.  They are very gentle.
  13. Hello -ADK=

    @[member='NyQuil'] Welcome  I also play LoL.   Never really played any ranked games I just enjoy trying out new strats. 
  14. Hello Everyone

    @[member='MobiusCore'] Hey Mobius and welcome.  First of all I have to say hell yeah to  Guantlent and golden eye.  2 of my favorite games.  I also stick to most PC games  I switch around games all year.   Im not sure what server you play on ADK but I have been on server 5 a lot so if you see me on there fill free to say Hi.   Ill try to be in teamspeak when I can.

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