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Heart Breaker Forever

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  1. Heart Breaker Forever

    Well.. i guess if you think he is hot im okay with it >.>
  2. Heart Breaker Forever

    The guild? oh god >.> never watched it but i DONT look like him T_T
  3. Heart Breaker Forever

    Uhh... I'm a boy... I work at Big Lots for right now. Future job im shooting for surgical nurse lol. you never know, i might be able to poke your brain one day and make your leg kick ;D. Anyways i would have to explain myself as a laid back kind of guy who can not only joke around and have fun but also get serious when times are needed. The only time i ever take a side is when i know that person is right, other then that i yell at both of the idiots and prove how stupid they are being and just make them kiss and make up. my real self that none of you will probably ever see is actually a romantic and caring guy who treats women like a queen. People say im a "gentleman" but remember... i am gentle... just not a pushover ;3. my life is great except the fact of my love life. i kind of get fucked over and used but hey, have to go through it just to find the right one for you. although im 20 i still live at home but i pay my parents $200 a month for rent. i actually got a job in the first place to just give them my full checks (crazy eh?), but thats just me being generous. i dont know what else exactly is important to know outside my gaming life... If you have any questions just post a question below and ill answer it honestly (bc i am an honest person). FEAR ME!!! (my pic)

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