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  1. pretty pissed about the admin abuse in MC.

  2. finnally met my 20 (i hope) lets pray that i did and they all count :D

  3. downloading it now

    okay im downloading teamfort2 so ill be able to play it by tomarow so if you wanna mess around ill be able to tommarow  
  4. how do i snipe?

    im not a very good sniper but the sniper is op so i would like to learn how to become a sniper can anyone teach me to play again?  
  5. this is a fun game

    this is a fun game. i used to play it all the time but i fell outta it a while back when i found ava love to get back in with some of you guys here sometime! i bet it would be fun :D 
  6. introducing myself

    thanks for the warm welcome guys/girls :D
  7. well right now nothing trolololololololol

  8. introducing myself

    Hi my name is Alex and I want to become a member to be able to play Minecraft with my friend SomeDude25 I play mostly FPS game's like SF2 and AvA. I just got minecraft and im trying to be able to mess around with my friends on you'r server and that's pretty much it.  

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