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    Martial arts was my mane interest for 20 years of my life. Now I'm getting into gaming because I'm to old to fight in the ring anymore. I believe the tactics and strategy from the martial arts can easily be employed on the battlefield.

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  1. Shout out request to Warcry

    Yes I have been in jail. SO
  2. Shout out request to Warcry

    My awesome can not be stopped. I am the god of awesome.  Fear the neck
  3. Yes festive much better than yellow snowmen.
  4. What is going on here

    I need to know some real tactics for this game like how long do I keep playing bots? How do I get new skins? Is the monkey a good character? Do I go up middle or side to side? lol 
  5. LOL newb

    @[member='AngryPanda'] Hay Panda I'm just starting off in this game as well and need some pointers. I don't even Know how to change my skins at this point much have any real tactics. We have played planetside in the same squads together seems like a good idea to try a new game with the Panda. Give me a poke on the TS 
  6. Wondering about the league

    I have not played League in a very long time. Has it changed? Are there new characters,weapons,strategy's ?  Is it still one of the largest tournament style online games? How many ADK players are on league? Who know's maybe this will peek my interest in league of legends again and I will be playing with a new crew. The last time I played I did not have TS and I didn't know any of the players. Hit me up it could be cool
  7. The introduction of Warcry

      A brief scream of blood curdling magnitude and battle begins. I play for about six hours a day. I've lead squads I've lead platoons. I take orders I give orders .Planetside 2 is my game. Engineer is my class. I can fly. I can shoot. i can drive. Give me a gun and it's dead.

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