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  1. R25 Patch - Close Quarters

    Its weird you say that, my brother got premium also, and where it shows the 11th for me, it tells him the 12th. DICE, what even are you doing.....
  2. Elder Scrolls MMO

    Its sad really, I have both of them and never played them. I have that issue with too many games it seems.
  3. Elder Scrolls MMO

    I think I need to make time to play the witcher now
  4. The more I watch the previews, the more I want to play it
  5. [quote name='Novaura' timestamp='1336173568' post='27632'] Dang what a combo...the results that may result could be breathtaking! [/quote] Results that result! I can't wait!
  6. It seems like they took half life, skyrim, and assassin's creed and wrapped them all up in a steam punk sandwich. I love it!
  7. Yeah. Beautiful brain child of two great companies. No, that is not actual game play footage in the video below, but it is awesome none nonetheless. The idea behind this has me practically drooling in anticipation..... well, maybe not drooling, but I want to play this. Now. [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1HlYTukh9A&feature=player_embedded"]https://www.youtube....player_embedded[/url] Sooooo, no embedding videos.... Sorry
  8. Elder Scrolls MMO

    [quote name='Novaura' timestamp='1336148211' post='27561'] Is this for real? Seriously?!?! I look forward to more information to come! [/quote] Yes, this is for real.
  9. Pure Awesomeness. [url="http://www.gameinformer.com/games/the_elder_scrolls_online/b/pc/archive/2012/05/04/teaser-trailer-unveiled.aspx"]http://www.gameinformer.com/games/the_elder_scrolls_online/b/pc/archive/2012/05/04/teaser-trailer-unveiled.aspx[/url]
  10. Hi there :)

    I love playing in squads, so glad to hear more people like that showing up. Welcome
  11. Types of Game Servers

    A killing floor server. Now.
  12. Intro.

    Hello, and welcome. I am also fairly new here, but I figured I would reach out and say hi. These guys are great, just make sure to hop on the teamspeak server to really meet everyone. Have fun
  13. Extra server

    I have my 32 set up with votemap and the bf3 manager, so it will change game modes and maplists depending on the amount of people on it. Also have insane limiter and procon rulez set up on it, so I can config it to whatever you need. My insane limiter is at the moment ready to run the server on zombie game mode, so I'll have to play around with it a bit to change it back. Got procon on my phone also, so I came any of it at anytime. Also have a notifier set up for complaints and reports, among other mods I can't remember at the moment but are currently inactive at the moment.
  14. Extra server

    What could adk do with an extra 32 person server? I might have one sitting around..... Lets hear some ideas. AOB or game radar, if your are interested, let me know.


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