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  1. So I went to a party

    I went to one of those once. I was kinda disgusted but jesus it tastes ridiculously delicious lol
  2. Presidential Race 2016

    Lol yeah I know, it's a long shot. I felt like I should add it though. Thanks for making me laugh at my own post though.
  3. [attachment=3658:tumblr_n9f0cjQHWF1qj4y8qo1_250.png]     If any of you ever go on Tumblr, you will find that 90% of the users have things like this on their profile. This is all belief that there is more than two genders, belief that you could be an animal born into a humans body and belief you can diagnose yourself with PTSD just for being an "otherkin".   I am going to stay neutral on these subjects and neither deny or confirm them, but what happens if these people ever come into office? What if the world is turned into this? My opinion is that there is a higher power putting all of this stuff into effect because there is a higher abundance of: feminization of men, "otherkins", "different gender binaries" among many many other incredibly strange issues that would never ever exist without the aid of the internet.   What does everyone think? Do you support all of these (modern-day feminism movements aka "white male privilege", LGBT activists, otherkins, self-diagnosed PTSD) or do you think it's ridiculous? If someone came into presidency that supports all of these ideals, would you move to another country? Do you believe this is where we are heading in our future?
  4. I just think it needs to be allowed and people need to stop picketing and stop being ridiculous. I don't believe it should be shoved down our throats. But this world is going into a direction where before we know it straight men will have no rights whatsoever. Has anyone seen the feminists from Tumblr?
  5. Presidential Race 2016

    My vote goes to the Libertarian party. It's not going to do anything but I feel like no other party will ever deserve my vote unless someone out of the blue comes in and has incredibly thought-out intelligent views on issues.
  6. I haven't watched anime for a few years after I got involved with work/school/my fiancee. I really would like to get back into it because it kind of feels like a part of me is missing. I was really into Code Geass and Gurren Lagann. I finished Ikki Tousen and watched a bunch of Attack on Titan (but it wasn't complex enough for me). I've watched tons but don't really remember them. I think I would love a good mecha anime, any decent ones with great story and awesome battles come out in recent years?
  7. knights of sidonia

    Knights of Sidonia? Like Knights of Cydonia by Muse? haha I'll have to check it out, I haven't watched anime in a while lol
  8. Favorite gaming food/beverage?

    Diet Green Tea/Sparkling Water and maybe some pupusas or mac and cheese lol
  9. Pet thread? Pet thread.

    This is my baby Khaleesi (named by my fiancee..we call her Kali lol). She is Chow mixed with...I don't know. Finnish Spitz or Shiba Inu. Everyone around me calls her Doge lol. She is shy/reserved, takes forever to warm up and has the most polite mannerisms/is as gentle as can be. I could not ask for a better dog.
  10. Something To Brighten Your Day

    Lmao I'm about to stream this on my chromecast all night and have it playing when my fiancee gets home
  11. Recruitment Drive - Regular Members and Admins Wanted

    I enjoy the experience and the livelihood of the ADK servers. This is leading me to put forth an effort so I can have awesome friends on BF4. Thank you all for being so cool.
  12. Hey everyone! I read a post that mentioned you don't have to have the TS hours if you play a game where there is a dedicated ADK server. I am just a little confused about this because the application says otherwise. I do intend on being in the TS but could I send in an app prior to 10 hours if I play on the ADK BF4 servers?
  13. Member Picture Thread

    I don't really do pictures lol. But here's one of me holding my best friend, making a hideous face and needing a haircut a few months ago.   [attachment=3654:10437437_1499021296993732_8520170205494608463_n.jpg]
  14. Hello I am Rexx7564

    Hi! Add me on Steam and we can play sometime! Steam ID is machivaellin
  15. GTA 5 Pc FINALY!!

    Buying it on day 1 for sure. I sold my PS3 before I got too great at it.

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