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  1. Why People Cheat on Battlefield

    I think its pretty dumb to cheat in a FPS game. Wouldn't it be so boring overtime? I mean the whole purpose of the game is to aim and shoot, if you are using a program to do that for you then what are you even doing?   I feel like people who cheat in BF simply haven't played many FPS games so they lack the ability to play the game well, this leads to frustration because they want to play, unlock content, and join their friends. But they cant because they SUCK, so they resort to hacks. I think personally its pretty pathetic. But I have been playing FPS shooters since 1.6 and I have always been exceptional at shooting with a mouse. But still seems like a huge waste of time :/
  2. Sooo BF4 Comp

    @[member='Pepsi'] @[member='Dynasty'] I would agree that BF3 scrims were hectic. I would be down to join a 5 man, I have a ton of experience in competitive FPS games. I started back in Cs 1.6 and continued on CSS with a competition team. I haven't played on a true competitive team for BF, but I used to scrim on a weekly basis. Let me know if you guys need someone who packs a punch 
  3. Sooo BF4 Comp

    We can easily start to scrim and this will define who works well together. It would only take a few days or team play to see who is worthy and who is still lacking the necessary skill. Do we have a server we can allocate for scrims?
  4. Sooo BF4 Comp

    I am down to start scrimming and putting together scrim teams while the game gets sorted out. I can't promise that I have the time needed to commit to a full on competitive team. 
  5. Over 60,000 players on our BF4 servers

    This is great! I am in the server constantly and I think we have done a great job setting them up. Thanks to AOB and everyone involved.
  6. I can't even believe you posted this thread! 
  7. Optimization Help

    http://www.coderbag.com/Programming-C/Disable-CPU-Core-Parking-Utility   Unpark you're cores is a huge step forward. It worked wonders for me :D
  8. BF4 - No Explosives Servers - 11/6

    This would actually be a good idea. But I don't mind baserape either way, since the rounds are short people should suck it up if they are getting raped. They need to work together as a team better! haha there are so many flanking routes
  9. Current state of BF4

    Roll out! You guys have an ADK entourage 
  10. Want BF4 Campaign Dog Tags and Guns?

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH. You guys are serious about you're tags, I don't really bother but if the knife kill is available then im taking it!
  11. Jeep Fun + First Repair Tool Kill

    Haha I am gonna try this now haha! 
  12. So anyone had this problem?

    haha i wonder if FairFight would pick up on that.. LOL ;)
  13. So anyone had this problem?

    Haha thats an amazing glitching.

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