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  1. returning member

    hey guys i use to be in this community long ago but i am returning and to play some LoL games or Minecraft i alway play alot of other games on steam add me up   Steam Ign: SomeDude24 League Of Legends IGN: SomeDude24 Minecraft IGN: overkill1000   see you guys in game and merry christmas and happy new years
  2. who is your fav char on league

    well i always say its always the players on how they play the champions even if i get countered or i counter him i can still get wrecked or i will win the lane depends on how we play the champions 
  3. who is your fav char on league

    i like play all the champions but hate playing against all champions lol i mean seriously theres no 1 champ im not good at but yeah garen is a good choice to start off with
  4. ARAM Champ Selection

    hey nyquil you know why you get same champs over and over you dont have much champs maybe you should invest in to buy some bundles of champs well i should know how many champs is there on that account because i gave you that account lol
  5. League Of Legends chat room

    well yeah i was way too tired lol
  6. Gnar Gameplay and Skin

    now i must save up on IP to buy him lmao looks awesome
  7. Soooo.... Gnar

    nice i cant wait till play gnar looks pretty good and abilities seems good 
  8. Ranked Duo listings

    summoner name: SomeDude24 Region: NA preferred position: i can fill im equal too all roles and have all champs champion preference: i play alot of them very well playstyle: i can play aggressive depends who im against or who i am DUO with current rank: silver 3 hunnting for gold atm lol
  9. ARAM Champ Selection

    well if you have less champions like 20 you sometimes always end up with a same champ which sucks lol but now i own all of them so yeah pretty random though
  10. If you know anyone who plays LoL

    i know people i play with all the time maybe i can get them to apply here
  11. League Of Legends chat room

    lol yeah well now we know 
  12. A New Dawn? Dude...

    yeah that was a kick ass cinematic
  13. League Of Legends chat room

    lmao how stupid of me i just seen it in the pinned topics thats how tired i am 
  14. hello ADK my name is Jay

    hey guys thanks for the welcomes :D
  15. League Of Legends chat room

    hi guys umm im wondering if we have a League Of Legends chat room for ADK if plz reply or message me thank you very much

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