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  1. Hopefully I will be making a come back to gaming soon.

    1. cuzco2585


      see u soon bud !

    2. Bromance
    3. LethalWMD


      You are a missed person!

  2. BF3 Premium is making me drool

    [quote name='Bromance' timestamp='1339116638' post='31324'] See the screens I posted, amazing... not so excited about CQ, but Armored fury I am really excited for. [/quote] link
  3. BF3 Premium is making me drool

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VZUcLgtDM4&feature=g-u-u The Armor expansion is making me drool and throw up in my pants.. 0.o
  4. Just quit smoking

    I quit Smoking and this other guy at work did too (New Years Eve) He smoked a whole lot more than me.... I only did it at work he did everywhere. Smoker's usually smoke with other smokers. - Try not to hangout with Smoker's.. It just makes you want to smoke, fit in moreish, its like a cult.lol Chew Gum, Eat Pretzle's.. Or what not when you have a craving... Workout instead? Smoke weed (lol at this one<-) But [size=5][u][b]Congrat's[/b][/u][/size] man! It's the best choice anyone can make! My friend had mentioned to me this: He can [b]breathe better[/b],[b] taste better, and actually has more stamina![/b]
  5. It's Alive!!!!

    wuddup Creature!!! How ya been man.
  6. thinking of booting BF:BC up again

    [quote name='Rexperience' timestamp='1335139603' post='26398'] ahaha EXACTLY my problem [/quote] lol, nice. [quote name='testswimming' timestamp='1335141407' post='26401'] lol forget dvd/cd drive i dont even have the original cd. guess ill have to buy it from amazon and use their download service. [/quote] fuck that, just use Origin.. Already have your BF3 buds on it... might as well buy/play BF2 on it too.. but my BF:BC2 i have on STEAM..so yea.... lol
  7. thinking of booting BF:BC up again

    Lets launch some BF2 then? I'd play that shit again.. lol. i just need to get a working CD Drive or DVD Drive lol....
  8. I've been contemplating on hitting the download link on BF:BC2 up and playing it a bit... It's kinda funny how I would be able to completely destroy a town in BC2 but not in BF3... So i've been thinking of it, plus maps were cooler imo. less boring.

    uh in Battlefield 2 it was US, Chinese, Mid East Coalition.... No Russia. lol
  10. whats a good cheap case?

    So, I still have a Cooler master case, but itslike 3+ years old.. and i think its slowly killing my CPU because of poor air circulation.. Was wondering what a nice SIMPLE case would be that has a good air flow.. (this one still has the PSU on the top, i'd like one on the bottom that has a great air flow)
  11. Is this normal now?

    err.. EA must hate me. But then again, i've been having problems with EA and STEAM lately.. -.-
  12. Is this normal now?

    So is it normal not to have a connection with EA now a days? All i read on the forums is how the servers are empty and its EA's fault, I tried today (all but 2 servers are empty at this time - 9:40am[est]) and i cant connect to shit
  13. I hate steam

    Go to open up Civ IV.. Havent played or even opened STEAM since... well BF3 came out.. this is my welcoming:
  14. Activity?

    I may jump back in.. since I can.play on my tablet.. lol.
  15. Biggest Brush fire in NY since 1995....

    it was.. But it was heading in East and i live West of the fire.. It took every department from 2 counties and the entire island.. Finally the state dropped water from above.. We lost 1 brush truck that turned on its side, and 3 Fire Fighters from that truck got burned 1 was in the hospital overnight with bad burns

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