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  1. I am currently working on a card game that I plan to launch on Kickstarter in the near future. I would like to invite anyone interested in following the development of the game. www.facebook.com/Siegeandconquer Or twitter @Siegeandconquer The game will be a mtg style of game. But in my own unique vision. In early card dovelpment. And concept art still under way.
  2. Picture WAR!

    Fox Cancels Simpsons no more bart choking homer 
  3. DevilDev

    @[member='darkelf1'] I basicly never play bf4 even have premium and haven't played since China rising lol
  4. becoming a member question

    Yeah that helps explain that much better.
  5. becoming a member question

    Yeah ty. I was just little confused as to some things I heard. But yeah makes more sense.
  6. becoming a member question

    I just ment to say what is this I hear about different levels of member. I heard from other people to be a real member you have to pay money. The other part is the forum post kinda wondering why it's a requirement. To make people more active in the forums?
  7. becoming a member question

    So I'm trying to become a member maybe it missed something maybe I haven't. But could someone explain this to me a little better. I have come to ask to become a member to play games with now it seems very organized or maybe disorganized on how to to this. I dropped a app in witch to me is straight forward. I play with the group anytime I can get in I'm on ts. I try to get on the forums. So I think I meet most of the requirements. I'm a bit unsure why the need to so many post in the forums. And approved post what ever that means. To game with. Then I keep hearing this official member unofficial members what is that? So feel a little lost in the process here.
  8. Picture WAR!

    Your plastic toy is no match for my magnifying glass
  9. Picture WAR!

    Sorry there was so many section wasn't sure we're to put it but to for moving it to the right place
  10. Picture WAR!

    Tree mulcher kills your sponge 
  11. Picture WAR!

    Well the point is to think outside the box and make it fun. To use your imagination to play the game. Long as you can tie in the picture and have it make some seance even if it is loose. But ty for giving it a shot I find on most forums I join people do tend to enjoy looking at how it turns out rather then play sometimes
  12. Picture WAR!

    Example Run   Fire Wins all     Water Kills fire   now you just make a post with something that defeats water and were on the way
  13. Not sure if this it a good place to run this post, so move it if there is a better place. and sorry if there already is a war going.   Rules: Do not post pictures to beat your own No personal attacks on posters, This is only for the previous picture, game has nothing to do with each other unless you post a picture of a person that is involved with a legitimate description beating that picture No re post of pictures Broken linked pictures are invalid and should be ignored. How to play: Post 1 picture with the description on how it beats the last persons picture. 
  14. DevilDev

    well hello my name is devon, or devildev in games. iv played bf4 on adk servers but im interested in the outfit for planetside 2, i started playing back in beta but lost interest, and now that im back in to PS again i defiantly  want to be with a group that has structure and leadership in ops. I played PS1 for almost 4 years, till i went over to EVE wasted a few years there. Iv played in multiple battlefield leagues,  from alien-ware to ogl. if there anything im missing here feel free to ask me.

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