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    Corsair HX750
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    Samsung 840 Evo 256GB; WD Green 1TB
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    Asus VS239H-P, Gateway HX2000
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    Phanteks Enthoo Pro
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    Razer Deathstalker, Razer Naga, SteelSeries Siberia v2

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  1. Reign of Kings

    I plan on getting this soon. I was actually looking around on the forums to see if ADK was getting into this game. It looks like a perfect fit. I'm glad you posted something about it. I would post it in the Let's get this game going section but I personally don't have the time to support it like I would like to. I'm just gonna tag a couple higher ups who might know some people interested in getting this game going. @[member='Nova'] @[member='Fuz'] @Hackemz @Cagregorio @Zlizz @Zsadist If you guys that I randomly tagged aren't interested in passing this around just ignore me. Like I said I just randomly tagged some higher up people that are very active in the forums.
  2. XBMC, Kodi, etc

    Do you even English bro??? :-P
  3. GPU Upgrade, but which one?

    @[member='Allyoucaneat'] Nice man, I think you will be very pleased. I'm jealous, I bought a 770 about a year ago. The 970 is much better for the same price I paid. But not better enough for me to justify upgrading :/ lol Enjoy it bro!
  4. GPU Upgrade, but which one?

    @[member='Allyoucaneat'] check microcenter if you happen to live near one. They have open box deals on 970's alot. Just be sure ur getting one with a warranty, and decent store return policy.
  5. Advice

    Depending on what your budget is, I would normally recommend a gtx 970. Best performance for price right now. They can be found for around $330 ish usd. Gigabyte and MSI are both good. I feel like the EVGA makes good products but I have seen some complaints about noise on this particular Gen of their gpus. Asus probably makes the best but it will run u about $350 US. If that's not within your budget let me know what ur interested in spending and I'll make another recommendation for you.
  6. A Good Processor

    BTW if you decide to go this route. When you run into to questions, we're here for you. I'm glad to help, along with others here I'm sure. I've seen @[member='Bromance'] and @[member='plaxus'] offer alot of great tech advice on the forums here. Not trying to throw you guys under bus btw lol
  7. A Good Processor

    I wouldn't waste the money bro, do some research on building your own, you get more for your money that way. It's not as hard as most people think it is. When you buy pre built you end up having to take what u get with certain parts, whether it's more than you need of a certain part and you pay too much or you still usually pay to much and get less than what you need or want. Take a look at PCPartpicker.com it's a very useful tool. You can look at other people's builds and get an idea of what you need for what you want to do with your pc.
  8. A Good Processor

    Also what Power Supply do you have. Make, model, wattage, and efficiency please. I'm wondering if you won't benefit more from a GPU upgrade. Lga 1366 is an old obsolete socket. You can still get powerful CPUs to fit it but if you're going to spend the money that the upper tiers of chips that fit that socket cost, it might be worth getting a new GPU now and saving up to upgrade to a new X99 chip and mobo. Or, if your just gaming z97 would probably do just fine. Just a thought..
  9. A Good Processor

    What GPU are you using?
  10. A Good Processor

    I'd be glad to make a recommendation, but I need a little more info first. What processor are you currently using? Are you doing more than playing games? Photo/video editing?
  11. Need a but of advice

    Let me introduce u to your new best friend. www.pcpartpicker.com
  12. GTX 980

    @[member='Bromance'] thank you for responding to this before I could, I read it getting into my car on the way to work and I wouldn't have responded as tactfully as you did lol
  13. 10,000 Member PC Giveaway!

    Congrats to whoever won this, Trent told me your name but It escapes me at the moment. Anyways, I'm jealous.
  14. GTX 980

    Some people think that because they have been around a bit that the fx 8320 and 8350 aren't capable processors. Simply not true. 8 cores at 3.5 and 4.0 ghz for under $200 usd. Great for gaming and fair well in editing also.
  15. GTX 980

    You'll be fine

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