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  1. Hi class, my names Matt.

    Hi Kids, do you like violence? Do you wanna watch me stick nine inch nails through each one of my eyelids?
  2. And, since I was baited in responding, I'm really done this time. Respond how/if you wish, I won't be doing so any further. Declare yourself the "winner" of this argument if you wish, I care not.
  3. I won't pretend to have frontlines experience, because I'm not nor was a soldier. But let me ask you this, since I'm assuming that by attacking me for using an ad hominem attack you're not falling back on a logical fallacy yourself, how often does the military get called to clear out the houses of someone who has no intelligence indicating they would need to be cleared out?   I ask this because I do come from a family of law enforcement officers and you've said something akin to, "I've never pulled over a speeder who was going under the limit."
  4. I believe it is you who has missed the point by continuing to adhere to (false, I'd add) the assertions that "every home in the Middle East has an AK" and that Paul Revere was anything more than an "was also there" participant in the Midnight Ride. There's the old adage that history is written by the victors, but that doesn't mean it's how it actually occurred.
  5. I've read this, I'm not really gonna respond because I think there's some bigotry inherit in some of the points you're asserting here. I will respond to your Paul Revere comment by saying it wouldn't really have mattered too much if he had stayed at home or not, he didn't ride alone...or hardly at all.
  6. LOTR of GoT?

    I also rally liked Salvatore's Canticle series, which tied in with his "Legend of Drizzt" stories but I thought was a refreshing take. By which I mean it focused on the dude who became the most powerful cleric in Faerun and not just start out as a badass Drow :P
  7. Hockey

    I rock the Red. There's nothing quite like being a Caps fan, I get to experience the joys and pain of winning/losing the playoffs almost every year. Except this one :(   I secretly love to catch some Team Staal (as I call them) action.
  8. I think we're all overlooking something very important here, people of our age throughout the past several generations have championed issues that their elders though were stupid. I mean, listen to the song "Okie from Muskogee" for God's sakes. You know who Merl's singing about there? Our parents.   The fact of the matter is that a lot of people in and around our generation like to think that we've pioneered being the socially active, politically incoherent generation and that it's never been done before, but that's not right. You had the Bohemians, the Post-Modernists, the Socialists, the Hippies and now people like from the original post and my personal archnemesis, the Hipsters.   I also don't know if you can say that the Palestinian people are "letting" Hamas do this, as Hamas is in control of what we call Palestine. It's not like the average Palestinian person has the access to weapons that an Israeli or an American would, or even that it would make sense for a schoolteacher to take up arms against Hamas to keep them out of their schools. And, to nip this argument in the bud, I am Pro-Israel as I say this.   As to your point about immigration it's because it's become obvious that as it stands right now, our government won't do anything about the problem. Building a fence won't work unless we plan on pulling a Berlin Wall (which would just be ridiculous) and it seems like we as a people have forgotten that the only "Americans" that were born here are the ones we pidgeon-holed into reservations on the periphery of our society. I mean, our President has the last name Obama, our SotH Boehner and we had a Jewish fellow as the House Majority Leader. How do we fucking forget that we're all immigrants if you go back far enough? When cartels in Mexico have tanks and access to the military's communication systems, can we blame people for wanting to flee? I mean, we watched Detroit go through one of the largest declines in civil population in a non-disaster sense in our country's history and that was a drop in the bucket compared to the situations going on in Mexico.
  9. A topic for us Stephen Kingies

    I think his best single work is either The Stand or 'Salem's Lot. I can say that both are the only books that actually have elicited some kind of emotional response from me without involving someone's hunting dogs dying of old age. As far as the Dark Tower series go, I think they're one of my favorite book series ever and, like was stated before, I'm a huge fan of the addition of characters/places from his other works.
  10. Howdy All

    Hey guys, I go by the name Theon (not Reek) and I was ported over this direction by the illustrious =ADK=Marc. I've been bumming around PC gaming for a few years now, though I've mostly gravitated to the areas of Arma2/DayZ/DayZSA. Before that I was real big into console gaming; almost entirely on the XBOX and 360 (though I started out as a Sega fanboy in the 90's).   But to kinda take a step back from that and talk about the dude behind the keyboard, I'm 24 years old and live just outside of our nation's capital. I work in a local, family-owned outdoor retailer as a lead bike tech and this is pretty much what I've been doing since I graduated from college two years ago. I studied at George Mason University to get my Bachelor's of Arts in Government and International Politics and while I was there I got real active into politics. Since I'm originally from the more rural parts of the Commonwealth, I've got a pretty Conservative tint to my admittedly Democratic leanings, so that means I'm used to having arguments with just about anyone over just about anything I support/believe in (ask Zsadist).   I got my first taste in open-community gaming through another group, but I've found in my limited time working with some of the ADK Mercenaries that this is the kind of community I've been looking for for a while now. I'm tired of the whole restrictive clan system, it's too...biased towards who you know, y'know?   But anyways, feel free to ask me about whatever, if I don't want to tell you I'll be blunt, that's how I roll.
  11. Presidential Race 2016

    I...uh....I can't...I just can't...
  12. Presidential Race 2016

    You can't say you support liberty and then in the same breath say why a woman would want to do something with her body. I also don't really know how you can just assume that I support "Obama and Co." when I disagree with you. Especially since there's just as much opposition to the liberty movement in the GOP as there is the DNC.
  13. Presidential Race 2016

    So then you too don't believe in the full ideas of liberty. Unless you think it's okay to decide what is or isn't best/right for a woman to do with her life. Because by that logic, most government regulations are also kosher.
  14. Presidential Race 2016

    You mean someone who professes being a champion of "freedoms" and "liberty", holds a degree in obstetrics yet still doesn't support a woman's right to choose? Ron Paul is the worst thing to happen to the "Liberty" movement since fascism came along.
  15. Presidential Race 2016

      This. All of this.

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