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  1. becoming a member question

    @[member='DevilDev'] The whole "official" vs "unofficial" member thing you're hearing is that "official" members are those who have posted recruitment applications and have been accepted into the ADK community. To do that you have to meet all of the recruitment requirements, and becoming an official ADK member means that you get to experience a whole new level of involvement in the gaming community. You can still game with ADK whether or not you're an official member, but you miss out on a lot of what ADK has to offer if you aren't an official member. Hope that clears some of it up for you!
  2. Trying to get the hang of this whole "blog" deal.

  3. What's Brotaters precious?

    @[member='Brotato14'] Haha, it's less shouty anger for me, more just disappointment and remorse for turning the game on.
  4. introducing myself

    Have fun on the Minecraft server! I haven't been on it yet but I've heard that it's great. Welcome to the community!
  5. Sup ADK

    Nice, another graphics person! Hope to see you around the community!
  6. A Wild Austragus Appears

    No one will ever take it, you say? Time to make an Austragus in every game you haven't played before. XD   Nah, I'm not that bad. Welcome to the community! Hope to see you in-game in PS2.
  7. A Wild Zanzabeak Appears!!

    @[member='Zanzabeak'] It's going to be a very interesting time to be joining PS2 for the first time, haha. Lots of updates rolling out. Hopefully I'll see you around in-game and in TS.
  8. What's Brotaters precious?

    @[member='Brotato14'] Yeah, that sounds like the one of the same reasons I stopped playing BO2 as well, haha. Welcome to the forums!
  9. Hi i'm Prehinto

    I've seen you around a lot in platoons and teamspeak. Good to see that you're on the forums, too! Hope to see you more in-game!
  10. Demothic has landed

    Welcome! I haven't seen you around in the platoons, but that could just be because I haven't been looking for your name, haha. Hope to see you in-game!
  11. Heh... with my 20mbps over here, I'd rather stick with a <100 ping. xD
  12. @[member='Freditowner'] ONLY 150ms?! Yikes... I normally clock in at about 30 ping when I play. Anything x<100 is good for me.
  13. @[member='Freditowner'] PFFFF. All about the US servers, baby. Besides, I can't be the top shadow priest on my realm if I have a high ping, now can I? xD
  14. Bumping this with an update about vaping (since I can't edit my original post):   I dropped my Maya iFill in my friend's pool (derp move, I know) and the battery fried, so I drove to the smoke shop and finally upgraded. My new setup is a Kanger Protank Mini II with an eGo-C Twist battery using a standard eGo Xhale USB charger. Only issue is, when I got the Protank, the base/mount didn't have an airholes (faulty part) so I'm waiting for the shop to get another shipment so I can exchange it. For now I'm just using my brother's mounting piece since he's away and his isn't a fault piece (it has airholes...sunofabitch). And, of course, I turn on the iFill battery for shits and giggles, AND IT STARTED WORKING AGAIN. So... I guess I have it as a backup vape now, heh.
  15. New

    I can't tell if he's just trying to be funny or if he's legitimately clueless. XD

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