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  1. DasFriek needs to move, But where?

    Sometimes getting a new permit is pretty expensive or requires hours of class time and you cant carry legally until then. I dont leave my house without mine. I dont need a job, But extra cash is always good. I also hate summers in the 100 degree range and screw learning spanish. But i do like taco's
  2. DasFriek needs to move, But where?

    My guns didn't create no issue, an idiot did. But none the less i think i wanna stay on the right coast and as far away from LV as possible. PA isn't gun friendly to Ohio permit holders, Plus its not far enough away. As it stands if i leave on Sept 1st ill have a few grand in cash and many valuables to cash in if the need arises. My biggest worry would be a costly car repair as my 2000 Audi A6 is a money pit if it breaks.
  3. Ive had a not so good situation happen at my current house where i am the caretaker of my parents. My father got the stupid idea that whiskey would help his anxiety medications work better along with all his pain killers. Well the idiot got mad at me during a heated verbal disagreement and pulled his 9mm pistol on me. I dont want to discuss that AT ALL, Its done and over and hes still in jail. By law he cant come back to his own home due to the state imposed restraining order i didn't ask for, Plus he don't want me here anymore either. So i wont keep a man locked out of his own home so im gonna move. Who and how they will be taken care of is unknown to me, But now instead of them collecting rent and me doing everything for them and the house. The will have to now pay someone to do EVERYTHING. I have no real reason to stay in Ohio as frankly i dislike it and would prefer to move more south. One restriction is i want to stay in a state that has reciprocity concealed handgun laws with Ohio so i can still carry my weapons like i have for a few years now as id feel naked without them. The blue-ish purple states are ones that honor my permit: http://www.buckeyefirearms.org/ohio-ccw-reciprocity-map In thinking TN,NC,SC, as states id like as ive loved my motorcycle trips i took into the Smokey mountains were always left me feeling "Why don't i just move here?". Im looking at small to medium small towns to stay away from big city crime, Plus im a redneck at heart and feel more at home in the hills. So any suggestions? Im also disabled so i do qualify for housing help depending on a states citizenship time requirements. I plan to "Camp" as most white folks call it or be "Homeless" as black people call it when you stay in a tent or sleep in your car until i find the right living arrangements when i reach the town i want to stay in. If anyone has rentals or knows someone in these areas that could help it would be appreciated. Im say this about my disability, Its just a stress related breakdown that i can control as long as i can keep my stress low im fine. If it gets to high i basically just shut down and my mind does also and i just stay secluded until it passes. So im no danger to anyone or myself, Or they would have never given me a concealed weapon permit to begin with. I just cant handle stress is all. Thats one reason i want small town life thats slow and drama free as much as possible. I have guaranteed income for life and even tho ill never be rich i could afford to pay rent like a normal working person, But id prefer to get help with housing costs so i can live just a tad better. So if you have any ideas,suggestions or options to look at please pass it along.
  4. Nade Woes

    Crap happens, I give some people the benefit of the doubt if they are low ranking and do it once and i see it. But usually the Auto Admin is much rougher on them than i am unless they are habitual nade throwers.
  5. Nade Woes

    Ive found myself hitting my grenade button by accident many times, But i usually catch it before i toss it. If you can do that just switch to your main weapon before releasing the nade and it goes away as your main weapon deploys.
  6. Ive been talking to AOB

    I think its a great idea Kyle, Even regular players get competitive when just playing in normal servers. But just don't live and die by K/D ratio's like the great players. As far as me joining? Well i could make a good target when you guys practice. lol Even on a good day and playing my best roles im doing good if i break even on my K/D's. But i dont think you and the others care as long as its fun. Ive had a major issue hit me in my life yesterday and i need a few days to see how it plays out as i dont want to make promises i cant keep 100%. If i get a chance ill talk to you about it and see how it would affect things and explain my issue.
  7. Mission Small Business - Support ADK!!

    I F'nnnnnnn hate you AOB!!!! Ive successfully fought off Facebook for years now and no ONE could get me to join as i hated its concept and i dislike people on the net who i have nothing in common with. BUt now ill have to make a freaken account to do this. Yes, For ADK ill make a facebook account. Delete it asap once Chase verifies im for real. Im a Chase bank member anyhow, Hopefully that helps somehow.
  8. Updated Battlefield 3 Game/Weapon Specs

    Ill give that a try as it actually was so bad it made the bipod useless. I just adjusted my gun with the foregrip and suppressor and see how it does, And then later retry the bi-pod as i prefer prone shooting when doing cover and suppression. Thats for the tip!
  9. Updated Battlefield 3 Game/Weapon Specs

    I tend to say the feel has changed of at least the LMG line. MY M240 felt alot less effective than it used too, I loved that gun. But with advice from a member i switched to the M60 and it feels (Just Right). But even it feels worlds different also as it has major muzzle climb even when using a bi-pod and extended mag which both should hold it down. A 200 round mag thats started firing at the ground will climb to the ceiling repeatedly if not adjusted for. Ive loved the support group and LMG's and suppressive power and fire to cover my squad before the patch, But even i admit its nuts high now. Im averaging 30 suppression ribbons per match in our Metro 1000 ticket server. Pretty soon it will be a match of 64 LMG's fighting each other! I think any major patch like this last one will affect everything in weird ways either for the good or bad. And no amount of graphs can put numbers or lines on a page to show just what a gun will do in battle. I know for a fact my M240 was so tame before, Now its too tame. I was told before the patch the M60 wasnt an improvement over the M240, But now it is. But you better hang on for the ride.
  10. How to Play BF3 Now

    That guy looks too happy to be dieing! Suppression is set crazy high on the M60, I just used it for the first time tonight and im almost to my 4th unlock on it and i averaged 30 suppression awards in our Metro server. Time for some relaxing sniping.
  11. How to Play BF3 Now

    I loved the vid, Much like my game play but better. I can rack up nasty suppression points, But kills suck. And on your stats page NO WHERE do they post your suppression points. Everyone wants kills. Ive been playing the M240B with Acog,Bi-pod and Extended mag ever since i got the gun, I only go for suppression and i get NO GLORY EVER! Thats why im here, To get some recognition from my new friends hopefully who i can help clear paths for and stack bodies so high the enemy can use them for cover. I find this game play style good if your with a group of friends, As no one else is gonna give a damn about how much you helped them if they dont know you. Hopefully our LMG's will pair up and clear a path so wide we could drive a heard of Charlie Sheens hookers threw a Metro tunnel!
  12. And here i thought a did a big travesty! After that match i killed them i logged off the server to try and rejoin as US members like them, But they didnt want much to do with me. Thats why i thought i they was upset. Im not the best player as ive said many times, But im working on it. So please dont take a few kills as bragging as im sure they could have killed me faster than i could commit suicide with another pineapple again and again. Ill be back on TS tonight and hopefully earn some trust.
  13. Hello, I was in TS and in-game with ADK members for several hours, It was enjoyable. The first round i feel rather bad about now looking back. I was on the opposite team and took out a few members in the process while sniping. That would have been ok imo, Had i not been in TS with them. But in all honesty i shoot all snipers i see and anything in front of me as long as i stay stationary. But what i feel bad about is the ADK members never fired back and i didn't realize that until i was done for the night. That im sorry for guys. The rest of the night i made sure i stayed on the same team so even tho i worked alone i still didn't have to fire on an ADK member. As long as the guys who played tonight aren't upset or feel i did something on purpose id still love to join. BTW that was on the Caspian/Firestorm Large Conquest server so you can speak to the folks i played with.
  14. Man, What a PITA to setup the new version of TS3, I should have used the original. Lesson learned. But hey im there!
  15. Well if you took them like you should and then had to get off them i feel sorry for you, I know the similier pain. But if you were using them for fun then well, You pay to play. I got my headphones all rearranged, What a PITA! I have the Turtle Beach 7.1 amplified digital set and it has more wires than an Irish car bomb, Not that i would know since my last name is Irish

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