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  1. yo I'm new

    @[member='Freditowner'] , sarcasm.. I like it. Welcome to =ADK= !  @SGCrayzman
  2. hello

    Welcome to the forums! I too am not to good at games... My advice would be to just not give up and just know that you WILL get better. even if it's just a bit.  When you think you are just bad. You arent giving yourself room to improve.  As cliche as it sounds, Practice makes Perfect.
  3. Divergent?!

    I thought it was an okay movie. However I took my younger sister to go see it... It was... awkward. I don't recommend that... At times it was just a bunch of shirtless dudes.
  4. Thirteen Days

    I know this is a pretty old post, but I actually just watched this film this last Sunday, and I thought it was pretty random to see this post! Anyways, I agree, I thought this was a great Film, I enjoyed every bit of it. Very informative as well. 8/10
  5. Man of Steel

    I would watch this again, It was a bit slow at parts, and like mentioned above, it sort of seemed as if he caused a ton of destruction. but I enjoyed it. :) 5/10 :p
  6. Godzilla?

    It was alright, I think I was disappointed a bit, because like a few people I was fooled into think Bryan would be playing a huge role.
  7. Ender's Game!

    I only heard of Ender's Game, through Asa Butterfield.  While the movie was in production, I hurried up and got a couple of Orson's books. (After being told by my friends that I NEEDED to read them before I watch the movie)      After procrastinating for months, I finally read Ender's Game and about a month after, the movie was released. I went to the midnight release. and I left there with a new favorite movie.  This was definitely going on my top ten. The acting was phenomenal, then again it was Harrison Ford, and Asa Butterfield. Both very talented actors. The story, I enjoyed quite a bit. A lot of people say the 'plot twist' was not as surprising in the movie, but we had a friend who hadn't read the books and he was genuinely surprised at that part.  I must admit, I didn't like the lack of interaction between Ender, and Bean.  But maybe an "Ender's Shadow" movie will be made and we'll get a bit more out of that. :p These were my thoughts, anyways :p Thanks for reading! -Alec
  8. The new X-Men Trailer has me a bit happier.

    I enjoyed this movie, not the best in the series, but definitely deserves a watch!
  9. Rise of the Planet of the Apes When I went to watch this I was actually surprised with how much I enjoyed it.  I'm a huge fan of even the classic POTA, and I even enjoyed Dawn. But for some reason, the trailer for Rise, just had me doubting it.  But the acting was great. not real 'Known' actors per say, but definitely talented. I had the choice of either seeing this in REAL-3D, or Atmos. I chose Atmos, and I do NOT regret it. The sounds of the scenes in the forest were simply beautiful. This is my short review for the movie.  I rate it a 9/10. Feel free to get this convo going! Do you agree or disagree with me? Let me know your opinions!
  10. So I went ahead an bought this weeks humble bundle, yesterday.  I actually bought it for Cosmic DJ, but ended up really enjoying Q.U.B.E. It is a sci-fy puzzle type game, with a portal feel to it. I highly recommend getting this before the HumbleBundle sale is over. After all, you can pay only a dollar... https://www.humblebundle.com/weekly After I started playing this, I think I played it for about 2 hours straight. It is definitely worth a dollar. If you do decide to get this, I'd love to know what you think of all of the games! :)  
  11. hello ADK my name is Jay

    Hey, Jay!     Welcome to ADK Forums!   
  12. Greetings

    Welcome, Almond!  I look forward to talking to you on the teamspeak :) Maybe you can share that bottle ;)
  13. New guy here.

    Hey, I'm pretty new here too. You'll be happy to hear, the community is as good as their servers.  Do you play anything other than BF4? I mostly play CounterStrike:GO.  Anyways, Welcome to ADK! @[member='EL_STiG']
  14. Arizona Meet Up v2

    I live about 4 hours from Arizona, so depending on the time and place, I may be able to make it even. I'm extremely new to the ADK forums, but what better way to start meeting people than to MEET people, lol. 
  15. Here a Mildly Creepy Video I like to Send to People

    I'm not sure whether or not to be afraid, or amazed. Good voice anyways. xD

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