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  1. Protect the VIP Elimination mode, Score to win: 5 Heroes MCCREE Health: 25% Ultimate Generation: 50% REAPER Health: 20% Ultimate Generation: 50% Soldier 76 Health: 25% Ultimate Generation: 50% Tracer Health: 33% Ultimate Generation: 50% Widowmaker Health: 25% Ultimate Generation: 50 Mercy Health: 500% Ultimate Generation: 500% All the rest hereos are disabled
  2. JS Live Update - March 14thNews (self.h1z1) enviado hace 12 horas * por H1Lan - announcement Hi! We've updated and unlocked the JS Live servers with the following fixes and features: Free 3-crate 'Thank You' pack (see details below) Several individual CTD fixes Rendering performance optimizations Reduced number of extraneous updates on NPCs with no behaviors/abilities ticking Lowered number of checks for NPC relevance (increasing server performance) Adjusted visibility distance for objects without profiles so they're not invisible by default Optimized NPC proximity checks (increasing server performance) Navigation system optimizations (improved NPC performance) Proxy broadcast rate adjustment (increasing server performance) Proximity manager multithreading optimizations (increasing server performance) Punji stick fixes (they will now damage players and all zombie types) Wolf run speed reverted to original setting Non-structure player items can now be placed on deck expansions or on top of player structures Infinite grenade hack fixed Miscellaneous base security fixes (fixed an issue with approved players being kicked erroneously; base security now performs as expected) DLC outfit names fixed (all outfit grants are now correct on Steam) Comprehensive anti-cheat/exploit countermeasures As a special thank you to the JS community, we're giving everyone a free 3-crate pack just for logging on and playing over the next 7 days (this will happen once per player automatically the next time you join a JS Live server). We have an amazing community and we wanted to do something nice to say thanks for sticking with us and supporting us as we make JS the game we know it can be. I'll start up a new JS Live issue thread here later today to capture your feedback on what issues you're seeing, and as a way for us to communicate to you what we're working on next. I mentioned this in my Test update last week but it bears repeating: this will be the last Live push without new content. I know everyone is eager for the new map (and modular base building, etc.) so please be aware that "new content" is often going to mean things like the new melee system or weather. Things aren't always going to happen at the pace you'd like, but I know you're going to appreciate the results when we do roll new things out. Thanks again for your patience. We hope you enjoy the update!
  3. bump. used to play it with @BookD20 before good game
  4. @Pendapie Welcome to ADK Mate, if you are not a bad driver (like some people in this world) and have questions send me a PM on the forums or contact me on Discord
  5. @Strikt welcome to ADK mate, if you need anything just send me a PM here or contact me on Discord
  6. ID: Naru#11780 Preferred Role: Healer Secondary Role: Tank or DPS Heroes Played: Ana, Lucio, Roadhog, Tracer Current Rank: 2293 Availability: all day if you ask nicely
  7. @Liz Hello and welcome to ADK, don't mind dropping by H1z1 or Battlefield someday to play with us
  8. WE are currently available to buy and have servers, BUT, if we modify the server to the setting that we want we will not get any traffic from QuickMatch or be shown in the Server Browser. Also to start a server you will need to have 20 people (10 per side) so, we will wait and see if the next update change this things a bit
  9. @Logros fucking finally you decided to make an intro thread, Welcome to ADK my mate
  10. @LifeStealer Origin is still part of the Battlefield games, you can remove the overlay and Ingame actions of the app tho
  11. Welcome to ADK @LifeStealer hope to see you soon on Overwatch, also in other games you can add me on using this username Naruteitor#1680
  12. Welcome@zayyjo if you don't know yet we have a whitelisted server for H1Z1 if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me Sent from my LG-K500 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  13. @Liz didn't want to type but here, sign me in
  14. @Mo2min due the low population of the server and the lack of donations we had to shutdown #7 in favor of the new BF1 servers. Thanks for playing with us and donating part of your time to help us populate the server, we really appreciate the effort :') Happy hunting
  15. Server Maintenance December 2nd All Just Survive servers will be offline beginning at 2:00 PM PT (10:00 PM UTC) for a game update. Downtime is anticipated to be approximately 6 hours. General Improvements Loot Spawn Adjustments Fixed bugs causing loot items to not spawn at intended rates Updated non-weapon item balance Increased ammo slightly Weapons and items are now more evenly distributed across map locations. Reduced server latency - this was the root cause of many UI/interaction lag issues AoE (area of effect) checks for AoE weapons - this fixes several bugs including a few listed below Exploits Fixed General vehicle exploits have been fixed (namely those related to glitching into bases) General base exploits have been fixed (lag switching into bases, jumping through deck foundations, etc) Placing IEDs through doors is no longer possible “Map teleport” exploit has been fixed Fixed an exploit where melee weapons could take on the behavior of other items Bugs Fixed Character Portraits now match their in-game character General latency reduced; mostly UI / interactions taking multiple attempts, including: Containers not transferring loot consistently Door codes not entering/changing consistently Discovering taking multiple attempts Bows not reloading properly (causing them to never shoot) has been fixed Door misalignment has been addressed IEDS and Biofuel should now inflict proper damage next to structures Explosive Arrows now should no longer damage players through building walls Most structures now should be place-able inside shelters (workbenches, bee boxes, etc.) Experimental Weapon Zombies should now respawn as expected Medical stations should work as expected now Bullets traveling through players occupying the same space – should be fixed Bandages can be equipped in the flashlight slot but do nothing – should be fixed Silent Zombies bug has been fixed Character names can now be reused after the character has been deleted Fixed an issue with free placing objects on base foundations (IEDs, etc) Jittery camera issues have been fixed

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