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  1. Yo it's Jam.

    Welcome to ADK hope to see you on Battlefield or Overwatch Sent from my LG-K500 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  2. DISCLAIMER: This will only remove the sound of the notification (which is the most annoying part of it) and not the notification icon from the text channel. Alrighty boys and girls, after a few complaints about the @everyone and @here on Discord we have decided to create this little guide to mute text channels, with this you will not receive any notifications from said channel no matter what tag is being used in there. On your client, click on the drop-down menu of =ADK= Gaming Community, then click on Notification Settings After you do that you will see the following screen Scroll down until you find the text channel that you don't want to get any notifications, select nothing with the corresponding check circle of the channel and click done. you will not get any notifications after doing this.
  3. Heya!

    Welcome to ADK, you can find me on Discord easily if you want to play overwatch my bnet is Naru#11750. See you soon Sent from my LG-K500 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  4. Hey Everyone!

    @Scuzzy Welcome to ADK, what rank are you on Overwatch?
  5. Hello There

    NIce, hope to see you in Battlefield 4 helping populating the server
  6. OhStopitJake - Introduction

    Welcome to ADK, hope to see your in our CSGO server
  7. My Introduction

    Welcome to ADK, hope to see you in game sometime
  8. My Introduction!

    Hello @Mongoose welcome to ADK
  9. Hello!

    Welcome to ADK @Nora
  10. Let's hide in a dark coner... well shit... Pharah

  11. Who is better to one trick

    just use the old bag if you like snipe healing lol
  12. Season 5 Placement Results!

    3 - 1 - 6 2375 Gold, now i'm up to 2734
  13. ADK Overwatch 3v3 Tournament!

    @Liz same as before i'll sub if someone is late or not there Naru#11750
  14. ADK Overwatch 3v3 Tournament!

    @Liz same as before i'll sub if someone is late or not there
  15. Staff Roster // Battle.net ID Tags

    @Liz add me pls Naru#11750

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