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  1. BF2042

    Heck yea dude! I'm hyped for it too!
  2. Hoole is back!

    ok how in the hell do I get onto the discord server? Link on the site says the code is invalid in discord.
  3. Hoole is back!

    Hey everyone I'm back! IGN I'm infamoushoole, or hoole, go by branden in the world. I joined ADK during the battlefield 1 days. I worked by way up to a BF1 admin and helped start up the twitch channel. It was so long ago I can't really tell you what else I did lol. I had a kid like four years ago so I became pretty inactive. But I'm back now. Looking forward to hearing some old voices and maybe even some new ones!
  4. Presidential Race 2016

    I know... this is why I'm loved.
  5. yes, I'm still alive. Busy busy busy at work and stuff. I'll be around more when I get settled into my new routine guyseses.

  6. Epic gun control video

    mmmmmm Emily Miller.... yeah, now there's an author I could really sink my teeth into... literally lol.
  7. Epic gun control video

    The video doesn't exist anymore :( Well, the comment right after the youtube video was in reference to a heated debate between Piers Morgan, Ted Nugent, and Jesse Ventura. As predicted Piers loses his mind and in turn the debate. This is why I said "jesse ventura and ted nugent are the fucking guys man." Not talking about them in general but specifically in that instance... and most of the instances that occur with them in relation to gun control stuff.
  8. Epic gun control video

    I fail to see what weight this carries in the context of the current conversation. Nugent dodging the draft has nothing to do with his viewpoints when it comes to gun control nor does it invalidate those viewpoints. The same can be said about Ventura. Also, I don't give a fuck if someone dodged the draft or not. It's a draft and you can't realistically expect everyone to be a sheep when forced to fight a war that they don't want to when they didn't volunteer for it in the first place. However, deserters in my opinion can go fuck themselves. You stood up, raised your hand, and swore an oath... time to nut up and keep it. Get your shit together H-Minus.
  9. Anyone ride motorcycles here?

    I've been on two wheels almost all my life (even if it has 4 wheels most of the time.) My first bike was a 50cc honda 2 stroke. then I got a Honda 125, then I had a KTM 250 SX. I'm a sucker for all of that hill climbing 2 stroke power at heart. First motorcycle was a 2002 sportster 1200 with screaming eagle everything + bored and sleeved cylinders. Then I got a GSX-R 7/11 that I built  from a 2000 750 frame and a 2002 1100 engine. Now I have 2 sportsters. My favorite was the 7/11 even though it scared the hell out of me. The first time I took it out I damn near killed myself putting it on one wheel from 4th going about 80... dropped the gear so hard that it shot 6 rear sprocket teeth... yeah it was sexy.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=wbGuFn4nUqE
  11. Broke down and got CS:GO yayyyyy

    1. Secret0Squirrel



  12. EA/DICE facing lawsuit over shitty BF4 launch

    I figured that something like this was going to happen sooner than later. You can't just expect to be able to shit on people pumping millions (if not a billion) dollars into your company time after time and not get some kind of blowback (see what I did there?)
  13. More proof that EA/DICE doesn't give a damn about your gaming experience so long as you keep throwing money at their products.
  14. Rush Server Warning

    Rush is awesome, best server we've had...ever. The excuse for metro taking away attention is and always has been bullshit. That's why we came up with the GCP admin controls in the first place.
  15. Presidential Race 2016

    I like this @[member='IrishJoker'] guy. While yes, Ireland is a first world country, they could do well with some financial backing to broaden their own current infrastructure. Such as communications and electricity stuff. We should do that instead of pour billions of dollars into China to support projects that don't even get done... or started.  Moving on to the topic at hand. I'm kinda with AOB on this one. I'm more worried about the kid down south that has cancer that got his insurance policy cancelled thanks to The Affordable Care Act. So now his family that makes 47,000 dollars a year has to come up with $50,000 to pay for his next round of chemo because apparently his family makes $170 too much to be put on subsidised health care.... even though his old insurance company cancelled him because of loop holes. This is what happens when people vote on stuff because they are told "It's good for you and your constituents now vote Aye and don't bother reading the 2,500 page long bill until it's passed." I'll vote for Rand Paul if he stays in the running. Why? He's the only potential runner that actually TELLS me HOW he's going to fix things. He doesn't just tell me X,Y, and Z needs to be fixed and "I'm just gonna wave my wand and all will be well." I'm done with politics. I want someone that knows how to do what needs to get done. We need to stop giving money out to people like it's going out of style, we need to pay our military more, get rid of on post housing, get rid of commissaries, stop all of the safety net programs outside of unemployment insurance, and tell people that if they want federal money or federally subsidised money they need to pee in a cup every month at random. We need to let people own whatever guns they want and whatever ammo they want. Why? Because our founding fathers didn't create the second amendment with hunters and sporting in mind. They made it with the idea that a large government will eventually attempt to subjugate it's people, and in the event that that happens they wanted the people to be able to fight back and take what is theirs back. /rant.

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