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  1. Die for Glory: An ARK Gladiator Event

    Dangit, being a Supervisor with a rotating schedule ruins all my fun. I have a mid shift that runs from 12 till 8 pm est that day.
  2. Hey guys! What's up?

    About time the Minecraft Fisherman made it to ADK. Welcome Aboard.
  3. Civilization VI Giveaway!

    1. Oct 3 1953 - Great Britain performs nuclear test at Monte Bello Islands in Australia 2. Sept 21 1991 - Iraq disarmament crisis: IAEA inspectors discover files on Iraq's hidden nuclear weapons program.
  4. ARK: Survival Evolved - Join Today!

    I've had this game for awhile now, use to play on another private server till the owner had a problem with his memory on it. I use to be active alot with ADK on planetside but my job started taking up alot of my time but I am trying to make more time now to game a bit more. So hopefully if I can join you guys on your ARK server I would love to do so. Unless it is going to be Scorched Earth, I don't have that DLC as of yet, only the vanilla game as of now.
  5. Firefall is finally out of beta!

    I was able to download and play last night via steam, pretty interesting game. Characters name is Ferret33 in world if you see me give me a shout maybe we can run a few missions, very low level though.
  6. Hello, My Name is......

    @[member='darkelf1'] - btw if I can ask where about in TX are you?  I have a Granddaughter and her AF husband is stationed in Abilene, TX   @KnightsX - This is the most oldsters I've ever seen in one place at one time  :o,  same here can't wait to see you on the field of battle either.     @Nicko -Thanks, good to be here, hope to see everyone in the games somewhere.
  7. Hello, My Name is......

    Thanks, @[member='darkelf1'] - finally I'm amongst some of my peers :Zombie Horde: , in SSKM I was the oldest member by at least 8 - 10 years, @[member='Ellephant'] Thanks for the welcome it's good to be getting active in a community of gamers again.  I was active in a Minecraft server but it wasn't updated all that often and if it was it usually broke more than it fixed and then it took a long time to get that corrected, the Admins :D  tried though they really did.   Oh and as a late edit to this Post, my in-game name for PS2 is PenMwalli - I had to add a character so that I could put him on the correct server, I was already NC and it was great to be able to talk to a few members on TS last nite EST in game, hope to get to do that more often.
  8. Hello, My Name is......

    Hello to the ADK community,my name is Sphinx33b in just about every game that I play [which is as varied as the life that I have lived].  I am a 49yr old gamer and I enjoy playing Battletech, Battlefield, and I have just started to play PS2 as SphinxAD6RCT which is in refrence to my Battletech Clan that I still keep in touch with.   I have been involved with so many different types of games from tabletop, to console to PC that it would take a forum of it's own to list them all.  I enjoy the whole idea of a close knit team atmosphere [with comms which makes it better] and have participated in several of them, TRiAD [Battletech Clan], Apache Division-6th Regimental Division [Battletech {MWOnline}], SSKM in BF3.  If anyone has any question I am more than willing to answer them and I hope to see you all in game and on the comms.

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