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    Games, Anime, Graphic Designing, Animation.

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  1. Metro...again

    Just so you know metro needs either more admins watching it or rules change because now people are throwing everything(smoke, flares, flashes) besides explosives.
  2. My ADK shirt arrived today...smells good...really good.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. QQtiePie


      lol no worries :D

      Which one did you get tho? :)

    3. WhiteVastNinja
    4. Element


      Eat it. Fiber from the shirt is good for yoou. Best of all... its ADK fiber.

  3. Hi, I'm new!

    @[member='AmandaNoelle'] Hi and Welcome to the forums. I believe I played with you in BF4 earlier this morning.
  4. Hello ADK, and hopefully future friends

    @[member='mnelson15'] Welcome to ADK and hope to see you on BF4
  5. Whats up :D

    Hello and welcome to ADK.
  6. Hi my name is kenton

    Whats up @narocticcrab and welcome to ADK.
  7. new to adk

    Whats up @[member='diegocuxchan'] and welcome to ADK.  I hope you enjoy yourself here. |B)
  8. favorite Class?

    The recon class all the way home.  I guess because I just like sniping(yes I'm one of those people).  Plus I can set up a spawn beacon(when needed) and TUGS or MAV to help my squad and team(not that people watch the mini map). 
  9. what is the best assault rifle ??

    Well my top three assault rifles are the Scar-H,  M416, and CZ-805.  All same attachments  Coyote(RDS), Tri beam laser, LS06 suppressor(because thats the coolest looking one to me),and stubby grip.  Basically the best assault rifle would be the one you like and do the best with. 
  10. Rush

    Will ADK be creating any RUSH game mode servers because that would nice.
  11. ADK Server # 6 and 7 possible rules update.

    @KinghtsX did I ask you...
  12. Signatrue problem

    Um Im trying to upload an image for a signature and I pasted the URL in the spot and after that I cant do anything.  Click ok or cancal and I have to refresh the page just to get out of it.  Someone plz help.
  13. Server #1 Large Conquest problems

    For some reason ADK BF4 Server #1 keeps disconnecting EVERYBODY and the lag is really bad.
  14. Signitures

    Can someone...ANYONE please help or provide like a link, YT video, or any form of help on how to create a signature for when ever you make a post in the forums anywhere.  I see all the other members with cool signatures and I would really like create my own.  Thank you.
  15. Metro Server

    Is the ADK Metro server gone...I cant find it on BF4.  Date is 4/2/2015.

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