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  1. Ground Armor Needs Re-Working

    With current APS systems, a rocket may not even reach the tank. But, say an rpg7 does hit a m1 abrams. With modern spall liners and Choblam armor, it may do damage to the armor, but not the critical components.
  2. Ground Armor Needs Re-Working

    yes i do realize this. but instead of adding stupid addons that do the same thing (im looking at you, fore grips) they could make vehicle warfare more interesting. After all, this is BATTLEFIELD...
  3. Ground Armor Needs Re-Working

    This is MY OPINION of how tanks should be re-worked in the next more vehicle based battlefield game.   TANKS: Tanks should be feared. They shouldn't be a minor problem that can be fixed with an rpg-7v2.    TANK GUNS: Here we go. The main gun on a tank should be able to be changed out for a few different variants. For instance, for the M1A2 Abrams should have 2 guns to choose from. The 105mm rifled gun should have lower shell velocity and damage, but better accuracy and a higher Rate of Fire. Or you could choose the 120mm smoothbore, which would have higher shell velocity and higher damage, but lesser accuracy and a slower rate of fire.   TANK GUN AMMO: In battlefield 4, AP ammo has the highest blast radius of all the ammo. Are. You. F*cking. Kidding. Me. Standard AP (which nearly no-one uses anymore) munitions in modern days are a solid hunk of metal. They have no explosive power. At all. Dice, If you want to add different Ammo types, add these:   HESH: Explodes on the outside of the vehicle, sending a superheated shock wave through the armor, melting and fragmenting the inside armor, usually injuring or killing the crew   HEAT: Creates a jet of air that literally pushes the armor apart, making a hole in the tank and sending fragments of superheated metal through the tank.   APFSDS: Uses a sabot to propel a depleted uranium-core dart much faster than a full shell. Known for going through tanks, shattering explosively in the tank, and causing birth defects and cancer.   There you go, REAL munitions for a tank.   TANK ARMOR: Modern day tanks have very advanced armor. A puny RPG-7V2 would not hurt a modern MBT unless it hit in the rear, near the engine. Also, even shells dont always get through the armor. It would be amazing if they added a feature where the game actually calculated whether of not the shell would penetrate. If you angle tanks, it will be a bouncefest of shells. With this feature, you actually have to aim.   
  4. Sup im Headslammer

    Hello peoples of the internet. I am Headslammer. No real name till I become more comfortable in this community. I play PC and some X-Box 360 games. I also love and play airsoft.   What I use:   Custom PC: NZXT Phantom case Windows 7  i5 4670k running at 3.40Ghz 16gb Corsair Vengence RAM nVidia GTX 760 w/ 2gb V-RAM 1tb standard hard drive Airsoft: Ares TAR-21 (401 fps) What I do/What I play:           I play a multitude of games, ranging from WWII simulator games to modern FPS games. Currently what I'm playing the most is: War Thunder World of Tanks Arma 3 Battlefield 4 Payday 2 CoD WAW gMod I play most of these games pretty seriously, unless its just me and my crew chilling and trying to just have fun. I occasionally post videos on my YouTube channel. Not posting my channel link in this forum because I'm not a twit.    Also: I swear.

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