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Natural Phenomenon

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  • Birthday 12/17/1990

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    computer building

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    Natural Phenomenon
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    Windows 8
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    Intel I7 4770k Water Cooled
  • Graphics
    NVIDIA 970 GTX X2 Water Cooled
  • PSU
    1000W Rosewill
  • RAM
    16gb DDR3 Trident 1886 CL8
  • Storage
    240GB samsung EVO 240 SSD, 250GB samsung EVO PRO SSD
  • Monitor
    40 inch tv, 2 23 inch monitors
  • Case
    Corisair 900D
  • Peripherals
    Logitec G15, Thrust Master joystick
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  1. Name: Natural Phenomenon Form: =ADK= Discord Voice/Text Channel Requests
  2. Reddit Recruitment

    Yeah I forgot about that
  3. Reddit Recruitment

    Hey guys, i keep an eye on reddit for new members and every week i try to post a recruitment message. If you can bump these and give me an up vote it will help allot. it takes 1 min to make a reddit account. only username, password, and email if you dont already have one and the ED section is great for funny stuff and news.   4/19/14 http://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/34bmsv/adk_a_different_kind_is_recruiting_for_elite/
  4. F2 gimbled pulse lazers are these new?!

    they hit hard and use allot of power >.<
  5. hey guys i finally have enough money almost to get an imperal clipper but my rank is still at neutral with empire. i am wondering what is an effective way to work on my rep while not harming the feds? or if theres a fast way to do this?
  6. Hey guys im recruiting on reddit and need some up votes if u guys can help out that would be great. also any suggestions to my post would be great too!   http://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/2x3n3x/adk_a_different_kind_is_recruiting_for_elite/
  7. Cant connect to Teamspeak?

    its not that it something to do with my TS3
  8. CMDR Caphis Cain Reporting

    Hi  Nick, i am processing your application. Please continue to get 20 posts. I will be on TS3 soon if you would like to talk
  9. Cant connect to Teamspeak?

    thank you
  10. Cant connect to Teamspeak?

    where is that located?
  11. Cant connect to Teamspeak?

    ah i see they upgraded me to recruiter did they corrupt my TS3 ID?
  12. Cant connect to Teamspeak?

    I keep getting error failed to connect to server did i get banned lmao?
  13. Hello, Im introducing my self

    Thanks Fanatic these forums are really nice :D
  14. Hello, Im introducing my self

    Thanks, im looking forward to helping out as much as i can, and be on vent as much as possable

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