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  1. Dead Island

    [quote name='whatsupdude' timestamp='1311304728' post='10220'] pre sale on Steam now!!! hope to play with a few of yeah! [/quote] OMG!!!Scary!!Get it now
  2. Goodnight, Sweet Prince...

    [quote name='Amba' timestamp='1311305232' post='10221'] Every single person I have spoken to about this says they fucking hate the weapons, I just don't even... I am literally taken aback by this update, and I have stood by every gimmick set, every dumb fuck hat, every nub gun, I mean, I may not personally like the weapons, but they're never really taken it too far, pushed it, yes, but never crossed the line... LASERS???? I... [/quote] lol deal with it
  3. Go Vikings !!

  4. na na nana ,na na nana ,hey hey hey good bye ...<3 I mean good nyt :p

  5. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Bromance


      Love you baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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