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    Springfield, VA

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    5W49450URU5R3X or x090
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    Windows 8.1
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    MSI Z87-G41 PC Mate
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    Intel Core i7-4770K
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    MSI R7770
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    1 256 GB SSD, 1 128 SSD
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    Sony MDR ZX 110
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    Samsung SyncMaster S24B150, Dell E207WFP
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    NZXT Phantom
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  1. Upgrades to current system (Gameing Desktop)

    First thing, GET MORE RAM. i would suggest 8 more gb. second, upgrade to windows 8.1, as 8.1 is less glitchey than 7 and 8. third, get a new gpu, i would suggest an r9290x2, or if you dont want to spend $800 on a graphics card, then an r9290x. fourth, get an ssd. ssd's are faster than hdd's, that is a fact of life. finally, get a sound card. any will do, but i would suggest a recon3d thx pcie fatal1ty.
  2. I really want this game a lot.

    This game will come out in 2016, but the campaign will come out later this year. i would suggest that you get an origin 300 series ship because they are relatively cheap compared to the others and they are good ships. and you can fly them now.
  3. Count to 1,000

  4. Hello

    I have navigated these forums jungles many times! I have killed the beast! I have a membership app! my third:|>
  5. Need New Gaming Headset

    If you want a wireless headset, i would suggest a g930. it's exactly like the g35, but wireless. there are others, like astro a30's, but those are overpriced.
  6. Hello

    It still takes me 2 minutes to type my name, but it's better than when i started using it in LoL.
  7. Hello

    I have a member app here now. actually my second one. also, very interesting sig.
  8. What Ship Should I Buy?

    ok, thanks for that.
  9. One Word!

  10. Picture WAR!

    This Guys twenty fifth chin eats honey booboo's mom
  11. Picture WAR!

    Randy marsh is lorde. your point is invalid, @[member='HansJob']
  12. Hey

    Hope you like it here. I do.
  13. What Ship Should I Buy?

    I was thinking of getting a freelancer DUR, but i'm wondering if that's a good investment. Which ship should i get for cargo/merc for hire/exploration?
  14. Hello ADK!

    Hello! To you to. I hope you like it here, because if you try to leave, we'll take your skin.
  15. JacknifeJones

    Run Bitch! @[member='Shilea'] is Gonna Get You!

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