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    Windows 8.1 Pro
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    Gigabyte G1 Gaming
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    AMD FX 9350 8 Core 6.0 GHZ
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    Single Nvidia GTX 980 TI
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    Corsair 1200i Modular Power Supply
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    32 GB RipJawz
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    2TB HDD 10k rpm, 500GB Samsung SSD
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    Logitech G930
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    Logitech G502 Mouse Logitech G13 Keyboard

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    Hello there sir!, Come play a few rounds with us in overwatch sometime, there is always some sort of shenanigans
  2. @PepperNY Your always welcome to have a few sparring matches with us in overwatch! Come say hello sometime
  3. Building from Scratch, need advice

    your cable management makes me dizzy
  4. A. Rainey Intro

    @Aaron Rainey Welcome! come find us in overwatch
  5. Hello everyone

    @ynotkill You are always welcome to visit us in the overwatch section, we play frequently so dont be shy to come around and play a few rounds!!
  6. sksguyy here

    @sksguyy You ready for drunken adventures in overwatch? you found the right spot
  7. New Member: Shokhenah

    @Shokhenah Welcome to our crazy world !!
  8. Evening :)

    @Toris Welcome to the show :D! See you in overwatch
  9. @Nova I have gained a large amount of interest in this game, i have also worked with @War_Adm1ral quite a lot over the last few months, id be open to giving a hand here as well!
  10. One of the greatest things that the US Military brags about it having the newest cutting edge technology....except for the computers running Windows Server 2008, having 8 inch floppy disks provided by IBM 50+ years ago. But believe it or not, this can actually be quite nice, considering that you cant really exploit (Hack) a really old computer system, because they are so old, that technology for such a thing didnt exist unless you could physically access the computers drives (Best of Luck!!!), but the downside to this is that its becoming more and more expensive to afford such an old system....(makes tons of sense right?) Either way, i personally think that they need to update to something a little newer, and this isnt the only system running on super old technology What do you think?
  11. Howdy! UpboatPlym is here!

    Welcome, i hope you find some fun within this crazy group
  12. 50% Off Python skin

    As the title says, i have a code for half off of a python pirate skin on the e:d store, if you would like it, shoot me a pm
  13. URF on PBE!!!

  14. oh there was already another topic about it _._ 

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