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  1. i deserve a medal for how long ive been an overwatch admin, muhuahahaha
  2. Hello everyone I have returned from the depths to play with any adk members that are interested in this game, its currently installing My uplay name is LIFCloud I look forward to playing with you all.
  3. Hello there sir!, Come play a few rounds with us in overwatch sometime, there is always some sort of shenanigans
  4. @PepperNY Your always welcome to have a few sparring matches with us in overwatch! Come say hello sometime
  5. your cable management makes me dizzy
  6. @Aaron Rainey Welcome! come find us in overwatch
  7. @ynotkill You are always welcome to visit us in the overwatch section, we play frequently so dont be shy to come around and play a few rounds!!
  8. @sksguyy You ready for drunken adventures in overwatch? you found the right spot
  9. @Shokhenah Welcome to our crazy world !!
  10. @Toris Welcome to the show :D! See you in overwatch
  11. @Nova I have gained a large amount of interest in this game, i have also worked with @War_Adm1ral quite a lot over the last few months, id be open to giving a hand here as well!
  12. the game has never really been that bad, the newest update made things interesting
  13. Welcome, i hope you find some fun within this crazy group
  14. As the title says, i have a code for half off of a python pirate skin on the e:d store, if you would like it, shoot me a pm

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