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  1. Team for EVERYTHING!!!!!

    Hello all i am planing on making a team that will play anything and everything don't care to much what elo crap u are or anything as long as u play and have fun. I would prefer people in silver rank but it doesn't matter to much as long as u understand how the game works and are willing to learn how to play.  If you are interested in joining a team then message me on here or in game and no i haven't thought of a name for the league yet.
  2. Hi im Speedy666

    Hi im Dan (Speedy666) and im 21 but not for long :) At this moment in time i am playing lol most of the time but i play a wide range of games like tf2 and grid and ten some old school things like quake if i want some mindless fun. I have been gaming since i can remember started off on driving games like carmageddon and grand prix legends and last few years i have been wanting to get more competitive in my gaming for more of a challenge as bots and story modes are just to easy now. I have teamspeak so just message me on one of the many things if u want a game of anything i have my steam name is also Speedy666. See ya round
  3. Hi im Speedy666

    :) ty all i look forward to playing with you all

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