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Everything posted by OverlordSev

  1. Am I the only Texan in ADK?!

    Haha yeah, I live near ft worth. I drive to Dallas occasionally for work and I don't care for Dallas much
  2. Spanky Naval Strike Event - September 18 2015

    Go to steams redeam code place
  3. Spanky Naval Strike Event - September 18 2015

    This was just made as of now
  4. Looking for android games

    As far as brain stimulation games go , AA is one that i like . i believe they have multiple versions as well . But if you want to try the new star wars game i highly recommend it. 
  5. Am I the only Texan in ADK?!

    Fort Worth isnt all that bad haha I just recently moved to Keller myself. I've lived in the DFW area my whole life.
  6. Am I the only Texan in ADK?!

    lol @[member='Alan AKA Alan'] i dont know why it does that , ill probably edit it eventually lol
  7. Am I the only Texan in ADK?!

    haha why is that ?
  8. Am I the only Texan in ADK?!

    hahaha why is that ? @alanakaalan
  9. Am I the only Texan in ADK?!

    Haha I was thinking either thats where you live or your name is dallas , or maybe both even lol @[member='Dallas'] 
  10. Am I the only Texan in ADK?!

    I live out near springtown which isnt too far , but its awesome to see someone live so close.  
  11. Am I the only Texan in ADK?!

    Jacksboro out by fort richardson ?  and I lived here my entire life haha  If you do live out by fort richardson i camp out there all the time. @[member='DestinedToFlail']
  12. Am I the only Texan in ADK?!

    oh and what part of DFW so you live ? @[member='DestinedToFlail']
  13. What's up?

    Hey guys , my name is Anthony and I play BF4 ... That was obviously put there to be a joke , even though that is my name and I do play Battlefield , I have other interests besides one , single game.   Im 19 and I live in Texas , I've seen you guys around and played on your server for a while and noticed the members seem really friendly . I've been looking to join a group that is more uniform in terms of people play and so forth and i believe ADK is just that. I play other games too anything from Minecraft to MMO's .   I do work , I am a technician in telecommunications , I lay Fiber-optics and do maintenance for businesses servers and so on and so forth . I'm also in the process of starting a business of my own , so when im not working you can bet im on this .    My PC's spec's are all pretty much AMD based , it has the 6-core vishera along with the radeon R7 290x, I have a mining rig but no need to get into its spec's at the moment .    And there you have it , there is a little about me that isnt too terribly generic haha. I look forward to gaming with you guys.
  14. What's up?

    ah , yeah ..lol  I had to do a survey in that area a few weeks ago , but at least you aren't too far away !
  15. Am I the only Texan in ADK?!

    @Destinedtoflail Thank you for the welcome ! nice to find a warm welcome :D
  16. Dragons teeth server

    I think a DT server or a NS and DT server would be pretty awesome . I dont know what all goes into it , but an adaptive server with the new gamemodes would be sweet.
  17. Am I the only Texan in ADK?!

    Hey guys , Im from Texas as well I live close to Fort Worth and Lockheed but my work takes me towards Denton and Keller area
  18. What's up?

    Hey @[member='darkelf1'] im also in the DFW area , I live more towars Fort worth in Azle , but i do a lot of work all over Keller and Dallas .
  19. What's up?

    I definitely will , Thank you .

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