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    Fishing,hunting,blowing stuff up,military,USMC

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    I'm a Photoshop noob
  2. How long have you been gaming?

    [quote name='AOBLXIX' timestamp='1331091801' post='21328'] What about Oregon trail? [/quote] if you count that then 1997 (kindergarten),really started with doom,diablo 1(then all diablos) bf1942 and with dc mod,bf2 and so one MOH:AA etc even some mmorpgs i honestly like rpgs better than fps
  3. Just quit smoking

    Good job and good luck!
  4. hey guys i haven't been active in Bf3 or Ts lately been very busy lately,but illl be back on in two weeks tops!
  5. they are very creative lol
  6. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7rFGMatKLM[/media] This persuades me to use it! lol
  7. peheadhunter

    haha thanks ill get in ts as soon as i get a hs. Also starting to get busy with getting in shape and paper work for the marines. i like gaming in the servers, just need a 24/7 inf only karkand server lol
  8. peheadhunter

    Hi,I'm new to this forum,but I've been playing in your servers with rexperience.I share this account with my dad he usually plays early mornings around 3am-11am. I'm from Indiana usa.I play fps and mmorpgs. Played almost every BF even 1942w/ DC,Play COD.I have ts3 but no hs atm but will be getting one soon. I can use photoshop and know a bit about web design,also some stuff about pc hardware and software. -Ryan

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