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  1. 4.12 Lucian changes

    Hello everyone,   As hinted earlier in patch 4.11, Riot is working on a Lucian nerf. He simply brings too much to the table with his ridiculously high trading and bursting potential even at early levels. At higher level elo and competitive games he nearly has 100% ban or pick rate, which is actually quite reasonable. In addition to his godlike kit, he is not penalized by having to face risks such as vayne does throughout the game.   These changes were introduced to the PBE recently, however keep in mind that they may not be the final ones.   Lucian   Base Attack range lowered to 500 from 550   Piercing Light ( Q )  mana cost now  50/55/60/65/70 from 60/65/70/75/80   Piercing Light ( Q ) cast range reduced to 500 from 550   Relentless Pursuit ( E ) now reads: "Whenever Lightslinger [ his passive ] hits an enemy, Relentless Pursuit's Cooldown is reduced by 1 second ( doubles to 2 seconds against champions  " instead of "If Lucian kills an enemy while The Culling is active, the cooldown of Relentless Pursuit is reset."   Relentless Pursuit ( E )  mana cost reduced to 40/30/20/10/0 from 60/45/30/15/0    Relentless Pursuit ( E )  cooldown changed to 16/15/14/13/12 from 18/16/14/12/10     Honestly so far it looks like he is going to be buffed on the cost of reducing his range on both autoattacks and his q to 500. Just to compare, Vayne has a range of 550 and Thresh has a range of 450. The range nerf is pretty harsh for an ad carry, however the massively lowered mana costs and cooldowns mean that he can spam his abilities during the laning phase, which made him run out of mana quite early back in the previous patches. Personally I believe that this is not too much of a nerf for his capabilities, but a nerf to his laning phase as he will for sure face a lot more poke before the trade is actually happening. However I believe that his kit still remains op and with the lowered cooldowns and mana use. The moment you'll try to poke, he'll just jump to your face, trade you to the ground, walk away, pop a potion, wait 5 seconds, then do it again. This change sort of makes him more mobile and efficient at the cost of safety, which seems to be a good balance. Since he pretty much has an all-in style anyway, I believe that these changes will still keep him really good at what he's doing and will keep him among the top-tier picks.   What do you guys think?   
  2. Im the NEW Recruiter for LOL

    @[member='Dowin'] I'd love to go up to ts but I cant. I'm spending my holidays and I can't possibly play lol or access ts. When I'll be back, I'd love to talk to you. On the other hand I would kindly refuse your invitation to teach me, as I am not in need of it I believe. Looking forward to talk to you and cooperate. Cheers, Last
  3. Soooo.... Gnar

    I think with this jump on someone then jump off is a really good mechanic, but combined with his look it's like a mario game with updated graphics, but designed for 6-years-olds. I really like the yordles, but i think Gnar is a bit over the top. Especially since his kit is so incredibly badass (and overpowered) that riot couldve create this really freaking awesome looking ranged x bruiser character, but instead we got a yordle who is the dream-plush of any child below 10... On the other hand his kit is really innovative I think, which is great, but unjust towards oldschool champions with 4 so to say static skills or 3 and one passive.
  4. =ADK= League of Legends - Friends List

    LastRights on euw
  5. Im the NEW Recruiter for LOL

    @[member='JarHeaD4EXG'] I'm sorry to hear about how your community got ruined, I've been through it on a smaller scale as well, so I know the feel. I think that someone from the actual part of the community is better and I don't think I need to explain that. And to clarify if there are misunderstandings I was not planning to be a recruiter myself and I have nothing against Dowin, I just expressed my opinion. The difference between the two of us is that you want to protect the existing community and I want to expand the euw lol part of it. I don't see a problem with that. So in caseADK is gonna go with a general recruiter, then @[member='Dowin'] please get us involved, since we are the one, who are concerned. Thank you ! =)
  6. Im the NEW Recruiter for LOL

    @[member='JarHeaD4EXG'] I think you're oversimplifying it, because that's not what I said. But in fact no one would actually want to join a community if everyone is absolutely neutral towards the applicant and there are no signs of an actual community, as a completely uninvolved and after some time uninterested recruiter would. As if the recruiting is done by someone who is actually a part of the community, the atmosphere for a potential guildie is a lot nicer, and there is some sort of a pressure on the recruiter to accept people who will be boosting the community not pulling it down. I've been through the application process quite recently and frankly if that small eu core is not there I would've said that the whole lol adk community is dead. And I'm pretty sure some new recruits over here would agree. Peace.
  7. Hello everyone,   Here's my guide to Syndra with izemization and gameplay tricks and tips included. Please keep in mind that this is more like a solo-queue guide, rather than an overall one, as playing with or against a well-coordinated team may require you to play her differently.   So first of all, if you want to play Syndra exceptionally well, then you have to buy this skin.    Once you've done that, the rest is easy.   Let's get started.   Syndra's main role in a team is to provide engage, cc and heavy single-target burst in a teamfight or throughout the entire game. During the laning phase your goal is to completelly shut down the enemy midlaner. Yes, you could say it is a general aim, however some champions such as malphite, warwick, kog'maw or talking about midlaners, ziggs, anivia or orianna are mainly focusing on lane neutralization rather than complete domination as they scale ridiculously well as the game progresses. To achieve this, you need to play very agressive and have to calculate every move you make in the early game. Your mana pool is fairly decent, meaning that you are capable of somewhat spamming your abilities early, however it is just barely enough to pick up first blood at level 2 or 3.    Getting the upper hand early with Syndra is extremelly important and can turn the whole game to your favour. Her AoE abilities enable you to farm while poking your opponent at the same time, therefore it is crucial that you always look for oportunities to do so. Do not forget to autoattack inbetween your spells as if well-combined with your abilities, your trading potential is higher than any other midlaners'.    Using summoner cooldowns to pick a kill up during the laning phase is extremelly worth the effort and should be done without hesitation. Keep in mind that syndra is scaling off damage, not tankyness nor sustain. Therefore picking up an early kill makes the difference of you picking up a Needlessly Large Rod or Haunting Guise instead of a Charlice of Harmony. With the earlier mentioned agressive damage items, another kill at level 6 is granted whether it is 1v1, 2v1 or 1v2. Going up against ad midlaners your first item should definitelly be Haunting Guise over anything else.    Correct itemization throughout the game :   Starting items :  Dorans ring + 2 cookies (yes, that means that going 21 0 9 in your masteries is your best option, but I'll discuss that later)   The cookies are vital when it comes to very close trades as it instantly restores 20 hp and 10 mana. While  the benefits might not seem to be that great, spamming both of them does give you 40 hp and 20 mana, which can make the difference of you getting first blood or your opponent. Even when ignited and your healing is halved, 20 extra hp at early levels can prevent you from dying to the very last stack of ignite or Damage Over Time effect such as Fizz's 'w', Tristana's 'e' or red buff.   Early game items :  Needlessly Large Rod / Haunting Guise / Charlice of Harmony    As mentioned earlier, your main target should be the Haunting Guise in all scenarios, however if you're overperforming, go for Needlessly Large Rod or if you are underperforming go for Charlice of Harmony. If underperforming against AD opponents, even though its going to make your game a lot harder, but go for the Seeker's Armguard. If you're literally getting shit on, camped or just fucked up big time, then rush the double dorans.   Mid game items : Best case scenario : Deathfire Grasp + Haunting Guise + Sorcerer's Shoes Decent itemization (sometimes vital against some matchups, such as going vs zed) : Zhonya's Hourglass + Haunting Guise + Sorcerer's Shoes Poor itemization (again, sometimes you're forced to take it) : Charlice of Harmony + Haunting Guise + Sorcerer's shoes)   To make you feel the difference between the 3 options above, the best build will grant you a kill on the adc at lv 9 by using 3 abilities and your DFG. When you go with Zhonya, you won't be able to pick a kill up on the adc by using 4 abilities at lv 9, a fifth 'q' is required in this sequence (q+e, then w, q, q). When going with Charlice, even though Syndra has a freaking huge spike at lv 9, the enemy ad will most likely get away if you don't have your ult. Please keep in mind that this is an approximate comparison, therefore different scenarios are likely to occur, however the trend in damage described is constant.    Late game items :  Deathfire Grasp + Liandry's Torment + Zhonya's Hourglass + Rabadon's Deathcap + Void Staff + Sorcerer's Shoes (with Alacrity enchant)   While this is the standard build, as you can see there is no mana-regeneration included, which makes you very blue-heavy. This can be overcome by sacrificing pure damage for mana-regen. As Syndra's base damage is ridiculously high, I usually drop Rabadon's and pick up Athene's Unholy Grail instead. It might seem to be a bit of a shock to sacrifice your Rabadon's for mana-regen, however with the build I've mentioned above, you'll find yourself overkilling everyone on the map which is sort of a waste, isn't it?   Champion specific tips and tricks :    - Activating your ult and dropping a 'q' at the same time or right after the ult activation results in both your 'q' hiting your opponent, as well as it is utilized in your ultimate. Therefore your biggest burst combo is 'q' - 'e' - DGF - 'r' - 'q' combined with an ignite. If you don't manage to pick the kill up, your 'w' is always there to finish off the kill.   - Hitting a q, then stun right after it gives you vision of your target.   - If your sphere is slightly behind your target but still in line for the stun, it will hit.   - Even though it's fun, trying to stack your ult to 6 hits will usually result in you completelly missing your chance to kill.   If there are anything you want to ask or discuss, please go ahead. Tell me how you liked my guide.  Enjoy !        
  8. -Outdated- Syndra build / gameplay guide

    @[member='Grey'] Thanks a lot for reading :)
  9. Im the NEW Recruiter for LOL

    I am not questioning that you are a really nice guy, nor your abilities to fulfil the task, it's just simply the fact that i believe looks something like this: In pretty much every community, I'm pretty sure you would agree, that the person who invites someone to a community remains a friend for that person, there is a 'padavan' sort of system you know? (A bit like) That also means that when you're recruiting on the forums, the potential guildies are not only interested in the community but in the player behind the thread on the forums. If he/she's good, that is a great impression but same goes for being friendly or smart etc... I've been looking for a community for ages and I'm really picky. You can feel the difference between the thread of a player or someone who is a general recruiter, and the second one usually feels a bit too commercial or plastic. But look, as I said, I'm sure you are a nice person and I'll get along with you, but I'd say the same in the same situation with some1 else in your place. It's just my opinion. In response to the second part: In fact I would happily be a recruiter, but I have a bit of personal struggle to engage in building a community head on after I just joined. It's because I have done this a few times already and I usually ended up organising forums, recruiting, writing ridiculously detailed guides and all that just to see the community die in the following months.... Plus I have no reason to try to replace you o.O especially because I'm still pretty new. But if you are looking for a recruiter, count me in.
  10. Im the NEW Recruiter for LOL

    I'm sorry to bring all my negativity here, but frankly, i do not believe that having a lol recruiter who doesn't actually play the game is suitable. I don't want to question the admin's decisions, but based on my personal experiences it is extremely important to know the game and have a strong idea or impression of what a good player is like. I am not talking about mechanically good players but about people who are going to build and improve our community in every aspect. I am not talking against anyone, i am actually sorry to bring this up, but I think that ADK should equal quality over quantity, since it is meant to be different and not mainstream right? And honestly with someone who doesn't play the game I'm afraid it's gonna be the other way around. And I'm highly interested in building a good euw community, since I'm gonna be a part of it when I'm finally back. =]
  11. A New Dawn? Dude...

    Am I the only one around here who is not so impressed by the new animation and prefers the older ones like the twist of fate?
  12. League of Legends, Finding players

    @[member='Joey']   Awesome :) it seems to be working out quite well so far.
  13. Funniest Champion Troll Builds

    The best is still the good old as nautilus, blaze it mao (but it's not working anymore with the new changes) :( and my new fauvorite, the new dunk master full ap lichbane gragas.
  14. Ranked Duo listings

    Summoner Name : LastRights Region : EUW Preferred Position : ADC Champ Preferences : Vayne, Caitlyn, Sivir Playstyle : Maximum level of agression within reason. But I have nothing against passive farming and late-game carrying either. Level of play : Currently mid-plat.
  15. -Outdated- Need some build help plox?

    Try to rush for Ancient Golem, Botkr, Trinity, Banshees, Randuins and MR Boots with alacrity enchant :)
  16. Best Jungler?

    A well played Lee can dominate anything in league.
  17. -Outdated- Syndra build / gameplay guide

    I'll just talk about runes and masteries if actually anyone is interested. =)
  18. I can't wait for it to come out. I think it will boost the gaming experience really well while it clarifies the gameplay itself. On the other hand I'm pretty sure it's going to attract a lot more people (even more) which I'm not sure if it's positive or not. Riot blocked my PBE account after they introduced the new PBE availability, so it's a shame that i can't see it for myself just yet. :(
  19. What's your favorite role and champion?

    Favourite champ(s) : Riven and Vayne   Favourite role : Ad carry if I've got a good support besides me 
  20. Karthus, looking better than ever.

    Personally I like the rework a lot, but there are some certain things about the new karthus that annoys me to the ground. And that is the following :  Look at him. Just look at him. He looks like a freaking muscly-zombie-bishop whatever. This is the only skin rework I am not happy with (mainly because this is the one I have). I think the choice of colour for this skin from riot's side was really poor. But if that wouldnt be enough, this guy will scream like a little girl completelly off tone every 5 seconds just to "boost" your gaming experience. Needless to say, it drives me mad. Other than that, I think the rework in general is pretty badass. :D
  21. League of Legends, Finding players

    Hye made it? That's great news! :) Judging by the past few days I've spent in the community the euw part really needed someone who can hold the whole community together and make it flourish as without her I'd probably be lost and have never found you guys either. 90% of the guys I've met on the league ts are there due to Hye's great work anyway and the same goes for recent avtivity on the forums.
  22. First of all I'd think of the style of play that is the closest to you. At some point everyone has a preference or so to say : "a natural talent" to play certain champions.   If you are agressive I would suggest you try out these champions :    Toplane : Despite the nerfs she faced recently, Riven is one of the best agressive picks you can go for. She has an extremelly good kit both regarding mobility and burst. Furthermore her low cooldowns make her really strong if well utilized. Playing Riven, you have two huge concerns. One is your extremelly low health regeneration which forces you to pick long sword and 3 potions or red elixir + 3 pots as start. Going with doran's blade and a potion is just not going to be enough sustain if you can't kill your opponent below level 3. In addition you lose the extra health that dorans provide, therefore you have to use her kit very well early game. Your other main concern is cc, as every bursty fighter (jax, irelia, riven, etc...) is very vulnerable to cc, therefore you have to pick your engages very carefully. However, she is the champion (in my opinion) who benefits the most from flash, giving you an insane ingage and opporunity to burst multiple targets, thanks to your aoe, at the same time.  Your main counters are pantheon and fiora. However hard lane bullies (rekton, ryze and new ad nid)  can give you a pretty hard time, though its managable to neutralize your lane as riven is pretty godlike at farming under turret. Since I could talk for ages about riven, if you're interested, through me a pm and I'll pass my knowledge to you.   Midlane : Sticking with the agressive style (that is the most likely to get you out of low elo) my recommendation for the midlane would be syndra. Her low cooldowns and ridiculous amounts of damage, mainly due to your passive which gives you bonus % damage on your q and the ultimate, makes her a perfect solo game carry. You can pick up first blood at lvl 2-3 pretty easily with ignite and if you land your stun. Yes, well landing your stun might seem to be a bit tricky first, but believe me, once you get used to it, you can hit every. single. one. If you manage to get rolling early, which is very likely even at platinum level if you're good, you can kill anyone at any time you fancy during midgame. As the game is moving towards the lategame, you're gonna become the primary target due to your burst. However, if you're building correctly, you can kill even the tankiest champions within 5 seconds without doubt then clean up the rest. With your high range stun you can pick off targets before even before the teamfight kicks off and make it a 5v4 in no time. Same thing with Syndra, if you're interested, tell me, I'll tell/teach you everything you need.   Botlane : First let's talk about adc. Again, I'll just go with the agressive style. At the moment your top priority pick would definitelly be Lucian, however, as the nerf is incoming and the patch notes are not finalized, I don't know how his gameplay is going to be affected, so I won't bother talking about him right now. Instead I'm going to talk about Sivir. Yes... Yes... I know, Sivir is never picked at the moment and she is not considered as a top tier pick, but once you grasp her gameplay and get it right, you're gonna shit bricks. Talking about her kit, you want to level your q first, which will deal insane damage by the time you hit 5-7 especially if you get both the thicks off, which can be helped by cc from your support. (Just as a sidetrack if you have a duo support I'd recommend him/her playing Morgana / Thresh or Nami.) Below 6 your 'w' , ricochet doesn't really bring so much to the table, however after you get your ult, it gives you 60% attack speed while your 'w' is active, which believe me is ridiculously good when trading. Furthermore Sivir is even better at clearing waves when sieged than ziggs (which is pretty massive if you think about it). The only thing she is missing is a jump for the mobility, however your shield makes up for it. Need to dodge a hook? Why not just use it to get mana? Enemy Lee Sin is actually hitting his 'q' once in a lifetime? = Mana. Your passive works like a red boots enchant (which I would encourage you to take after you build your first main item on all adcs, even though it's not popular, it is underestimated), it gives you 30 move speed when you aa a champion. Plus there is your ult giving you and your team shitloads of movement speed. Add that all up -> you're mobile. Another reason why I'd advise you to play Sivir in solo queue is because of your ult. Usually one of the biggest problems you face when playing with randoms (besides afks, trolls, rqers and the rest) is that your actions are not harmonized. Ever happened that your jungler or toplaner engaged but there was no followup? I bet it did. All you gotta do is pop your ult as it provides your whole team extra followup or disengage. Not mentioning the fact that the sound and the visuals tend to effect people in a way that they are more likely to follow up. Need more? Contact me.   Botlane : Support. I would recommend you trying to play Nami. She is hard to play, especially because of the q is relatively hard to hit and because you're squishy. On the other hand she has the best kit among all supports. Need CC? Check. Need sustain? Check. Slow? Check. Damage buff? Check. Engage? Check. Disengage? Check. Teamfight presence in terms of what she brings to the table? Add all the previous up - Check. Once you get the feel of it, you'll start to get a feel that you are carrying games. And you'll be right. Hell yeah, you will be. Your biggest enemies are definitely Thresh and Blitzcrank. Sadly, once you're hooked, you're pretty much done for. BUT! you can still spam some fancy-fishy emotes, which is pretty cool itself.   Jungle : I do believe that if you can get your mechanics up to even a decent level, your best option in solo queue is the friggin' Blind Monk. His early presence both in terms of counterjungling or ganking is ridiculously massive. He is one of the very few junglers who can win a game in 10 minutes. Your main goal is to get your team fed, win lanes for your mates, then sit back, pull out some stylish insecs or jukes and enjoy the honour rain. Yes, it is easy to fuck up wih him. Yes, he falls off very early into the game. But you can still maintin your usefulness as a tanky-supportish thingy (?!). He is one of the very few champions in the game who scales better off skill than items or levels. Also his kit makes him the best drake / baron stealer (which can turn a game arround pretty hard in solo). In addition he is a really great jungler in terms of sustain and clear-time. Even if you're teammates are scumbags and are not giving you a leash, you're not gonna get that much behind, you just burn through your potions a bit faster, but then again, because of the shield and lifesteal + passive attack speed on skill activation, you're gonna be okay. If you wanna know more on the other hand, I'm not the person to ask as I don't consider myself a great lee player. (Oh yep, one more thing, below plat, if you can hit your q, it's gg.)   Please tell me how you liked my post and if there is a need I'm happy to expand it a with some passive style champions as well or anything you ask for. Cheers, LastRights
  23. Season 4 Ward map and Trinket utilization

    Honestly I think the best utilization of the new ward trinket is to use it as a pvp trinket. Getting wards as it was usual before the introduction of trinkets is still as vital as ever. The best use of the 1 min ward is preventing turn-arounds, jukes or getting the upper hand in fights at top and bot. On occasion when they're pushing bot, but you know that the lane is gonna reset after the wave or the next one it is really important to get vision on the side-brush, but if there is a harder push, 1 minute is not enough to get vision and every time you or your support/adc has to go there to place a ward gives them an opening to fight or trade. As midlaner I would just use it to scout for the enemy jungler at wraiths.
  24. Reset ranked for the love of god

    The only thing you can do about it is heavily specializing in a few champions who have extremely high potential in carrying games and do not rely (that much) on your team's performance. Most of the people just keep on playing one champion and master them at such a level that they are nearly unbeatable. About a few weeks ago I got a rumble mid on my team for example. It is a rare sight isn't it? Still the guy is ranked within the top 10 rumble players on euw and carried the game ridiculously hard after we got remarkably behind in the early game. Or an easier way is if you're around silver 1, then you duo with me on my smurf. But I'm not really gonna be available to play for at least a month if not 2. But if you still have the same problem and we both will be around after summer, contact me and we'll manage. :)
  25. Hello it's a me, Mario!

    Hello everyone :)   My name is Bence 'LastRights' Kendernay. Originally I'm from Hungary, but i've spent my last couple of years in Belgium and moving to the UK next year to head to uni to study neuroscience. Apparently I can't move my pc around so I'm not going to be able to play this summer but i would still love to keep up with the community and probably do the best i can to improve it if there is any way.   I am currently playing at higher elo and am constantly looking to improve, possibly to the level of competitive play. Additionally I've spent some time on photoshop a few years ago, even though my skills are a bit rusty now i can get back to it if needed for whatever reason.    Other than that I'm pretty crap at talking about myself, but im happy to answer any questions there is. =)

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