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  1. Im the NEW Recruiter for LOL

    @[member='Dowin'] I'd love to go up to ts but I cant. I'm spending my holidays and I can't possibly play lol or access ts. When I'll be back, I'd love to talk to you. On the other hand I would kindly refuse your invitation to teach me, as I am not in need of it I believe. Looking forward to talk to you and cooperate. Cheers, Last
  2. Soooo.... Gnar

    I think with this jump on someone then jump off is a really good mechanic, but combined with his look it's like a mario game with updated graphics, but designed for 6-years-olds. I really like the yordles, but i think Gnar is a bit over the top. Especially since his kit is so incredibly badass (and overpowered) that riot couldve create this really freaking awesome looking ranged x bruiser character, but instead we got a yordle who is the dream-plush of any child below 10... On the other hand his kit is really innovative I think, which is great, but unjust towards oldschool champions with 4 so to say static skills or 3 and one passive.
  3. =ADK= League of Legends - Friends List

    LastRights on euw
  4. Im the NEW Recruiter for LOL

    @[member='JarHeaD4EXG'] I'm sorry to hear about how your community got ruined, I've been through it on a smaller scale as well, so I know the feel. I think that someone from the actual part of the community is better and I don't think I need to explain that. And to clarify if there are misunderstandings I was not planning to be a recruiter myself and I have nothing against Dowin, I just expressed my opinion. The difference between the two of us is that you want to protect the existing community and I want to expand the euw lol part of it. I don't see a problem with that. So in caseADK is gonna go with a general recruiter, then @[member='Dowin'] please get us involved, since we are the one, who are concerned. Thank you ! =)
  5. Im the NEW Recruiter for LOL

    @[member='JarHeaD4EXG'] I think you're oversimplifying it, because that's not what I said. But in fact no one would actually want to join a community if everyone is absolutely neutral towards the applicant and there are no signs of an actual community, as a completely uninvolved and after some time uninterested recruiter would. As if the recruiting is done by someone who is actually a part of the community, the atmosphere for a potential guildie is a lot nicer, and there is some sort of a pressure on the recruiter to accept people who will be boosting the community not pulling it down. I've been through the application process quite recently and frankly if that small eu core is not there I would've said that the whole lol adk community is dead. And I'm pretty sure some new recruits over here would agree. Peace.
  6. -Outdated- Syndra build / gameplay guide

    @[member='Grey'] Thanks a lot for reading :)
  7. Im the NEW Recruiter for LOL

    I am not questioning that you are a really nice guy, nor your abilities to fulfil the task, it's just simply the fact that i believe looks something like this: In pretty much every community, I'm pretty sure you would agree, that the person who invites someone to a community remains a friend for that person, there is a 'padavan' sort of system you know? (A bit like) That also means that when you're recruiting on the forums, the potential guildies are not only interested in the community but in the player behind the thread on the forums. If he/she's good, that is a great impression but same goes for being friendly or smart etc... I've been looking for a community for ages and I'm really picky. You can feel the difference between the thread of a player or someone who is a general recruiter, and the second one usually feels a bit too commercial or plastic. But look, as I said, I'm sure you are a nice person and I'll get along with you, but I'd say the same in the same situation with some1 else in your place. It's just my opinion. In response to the second part: In fact I would happily be a recruiter, but I have a bit of personal struggle to engage in building a community head on after I just joined. It's because I have done this a few times already and I usually ended up organising forums, recruiting, writing ridiculously detailed guides and all that just to see the community die in the following months.... Plus I have no reason to try to replace you o.O especially because I'm still pretty new. But if you are looking for a recruiter, count me in.
  8. Im the NEW Recruiter for LOL

    I'm sorry to bring all my negativity here, but frankly, i do not believe that having a lol recruiter who doesn't actually play the game is suitable. I don't want to question the admin's decisions, but based on my personal experiences it is extremely important to know the game and have a strong idea or impression of what a good player is like. I am not talking about mechanically good players but about people who are going to build and improve our community in every aspect. I am not talking against anyone, i am actually sorry to bring this up, but I think that ADK should equal quality over quantity, since it is meant to be different and not mainstream right? And honestly with someone who doesn't play the game I'm afraid it's gonna be the other way around. And I'm highly interested in building a good euw community, since I'm gonna be a part of it when I'm finally back. =]
  9. A New Dawn? Dude...

    Am I the only one around here who is not so impressed by the new animation and prefers the older ones like the twist of fate?
  10. League of Legends, Finding players

    @[member='Joey']   Awesome :) it seems to be working out quite well so far.
  11. Funniest Champion Troll Builds

    The best is still the good old as nautilus, blaze it mao (but it's not working anymore with the new changes) :( and my new fauvorite, the new dunk master full ap lichbane gragas.
  12. Ranked Duo listings

    Summoner Name : LastRights Region : EUW Preferred Position : ADC Champ Preferences : Vayne, Caitlyn, Sivir Playstyle : Maximum level of agression within reason. But I have nothing against passive farming and late-game carrying either. Level of play : Currently mid-plat.
  13. -Outdated- Need some build help plox?

    Try to rush for Ancient Golem, Botkr, Trinity, Banshees, Randuins and MR Boots with alacrity enchant :)
  14. Best Jungler?

    A well played Lee can dominate anything in league.
  15. -Outdated- Syndra build / gameplay guide

    I'll just talk about runes and masteries if actually anyone is interested. =)

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