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  1. LOTR of GoT?

    I would definatley pick GoT, but that's just me and i know i'll get flak for that. I thought that LOTR was alot harder to picture when i was reading it, and when i read GoT i didn't have that issue as much. Theyre both excellent reads, however, don't get me wrong.
  2. Favorite music?

    Oh and some Cyndi Lauper   cause girls just wanna have fun
  3. Help me find some movies to watch?

      Well, IT IS legos, but it was pretty hilarious.
  4. What is your favorite TF2 hat?

    Timeless Topper! i love it so much, especially with unusual effects.
  5. Songify the news 3

    This is a bit of a necropost, but i love schmoyoho. He has a whole season of auto tune the news that makes me crack up every time i watch it.
  6. Favorite music?

    I listen to alot of electronic music, like Chillstep, Liquidstep, harmonic dubstep, Trap, and any variation inbetween those.
  7. Lemme see your

    high def pussy rite here [spoiler][/spoiler]
  8. Help me find some movies to watch?

    Cloud atlas. One of my all time favorites, and makes me cry almost every time i watch it.   Sucker punch, that girl with the blonde hair is the splitting image of my cousin.   Lego movie. a little childish, but it has some good laughs in it.
  9. What ship to get?

    I bought a constellation, but that of course isn't for everyone.   I would recommend a Freelancer, but if you really don't wanna drop 125, then definatley get the Avenger.
  10. meet Mikko_blu

    Thank you! :)
  11. Member Picture Thread

  12. meet Mikko_blu

      Aw man that makes me so envious. Every time i see a cop car i can't help but think how awesome it would be haha.     I've been there a few times with friends, they had some of the best chili i've ever had there.
  13. meet Mikko_blu

    @[member='KnightsX']   Thanks! I appreciate your cordial attitude, and i look forward to becoming a part of the site :)
  14. meet Mikko_blu

    Hi there. I'm Mikko_blu, i'm also known as: Daedalus, Mikko, Brynn, or ctOS (my IGN in PS2 is Daedalus1312). I'm from Madison, Wisconsin. i like to play a wide variety of games, such as, but not limited to: Planetside 2, Team fotress 2, Dark souls 2, APB:Reloaded, Space engineers, and Garry's Mod. I'm quite anxious and excited for the release of Star Citizen, which will i play as much as i can when it comes out.   A little bit about me as a person: I'm a former Minecraft Forums moderator, as well as an aspiring moderator for several other forums. I enjoy TV shows like Game of thrones and House M.D., but my favorite has to go to the best of the best, Firefly. I'm looking into becoming an electrician, but in a perfect world, i'd be a Police Officer, or something in IT. I'm a little shy, but i when i do talk i try to be funny or at least professional.     If you'd like to know anything more, feel free to ask!   -Brynn

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