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  1. Just played my very last bf4 game in ADK EU 5.  It's blatantly obviously AEK and ELS GuixTm & the others cheat Diemexo etc.     AEK every single day impersonate ADK admin, every single day refuse to adhere to English only rule, both are ban offenses, this is on top of the obvious cheating.   Bearing in mind how harsh and oppressive some of the responses were from ADK members to my previous post about AEK and ELS.... the only logical conclusion is that ADK are dirty and cheat as well so I want nothing to do with ADK but of course want my money back.   To be punished for making a complaint.... that is SO wrong on so many levels so enough is enough.  I've taken a day out... had a few games..... grinned and beared it despite obvious cheating......  I can't do it so realise I would eventually as the innocent person would eventually be banned for trying to complain highlight cheat.   ADK ask for the impossible.....they know this..... so this means some ADK cheat as well...... again it's the only logical explanation and I cannot beat that.   Some of you turn blind eye to hackers because it means you lose face when it's found that AEK and ESL do cheat..... I'm in a lose lose situation.     Do enjoy being hypocrital with no integrity, honesty nor honour.  I'm out of here.  I tried really hard you know!  
  2. This is my second post on this topic as someone dirty from ADK deleted it !   AEK DRAGON MUSTAFA was impersonating  ADK ADMIN  this is INSTANT ban !   I am deeply concerned at the reaction of some of ADK members and admin because I've been here before.   Previously I played in PTG a lot..... complained about clan 667 YAMI......... had the same bad reaction I get here...... turned out PTG dirty covering up for 667 YAMI because PTG were banned by fairfight.com.   I have tried to upload battlelog url several times so have adk turn off urls on purpose?   If ADK are dirty.... in your case you are committing criminal offences of fraud due to the amount of money you receive in donations.   I am screenshooting this before pressing post new topic !!
  3. Earlier this evening 27.1.2015  ADK Caveman70 basically told me if you don't like it leave for another server when I've tried desperately to highlight EXTREME cheating and hacking by clans AEK and ESL.  Caveman70's comment truly upset me because I once had a bad manager who was eventually sacked for gross misconduct.... who said to me Allen if you don't like it you know where the door is.... I stood firm and he was eventually dismissed.  When faced with ignorance and bigotry I know I am in danger area of unfairness and in some cases unlawful acts by various methods.   Caveman70 also said he recently banned a player for complaining about AEK and ESL.... I think it was player "Greyhound".... this is very shocking practice.   I need to state that I am autistic and deaf. Very proud of being autistic because I have above average intelligence and extreme logical abilities which relies on fact and logic without discrimination or bias but I acknowledge some cannot cope with my direct way of telling the truth.   I give this battlelog example of hackers AEK Death Penalty71 and AEK REPTILE PROJECT before it was known admin caveman70 was in attendance.... for some strange reason I am unable to directly give the url to battlelog reports?  I will have to take screenshots.... bear with me...    Ok BEFORE admin in ADK EU 5    ...... wow just tried to upload screenshots and get "upload skipped (error 404) !  Well I am going to have to be given an ADK email to send screenshots and battlelog links to them !   Main point trying to make is before it was known admin was in ADK EU 5   AEK killing like there is no tomorrow but when Caveman gave me warning about making complaints against hackers... next game..... AEK players playing like noobs!!!!    AEK players including ESL GuixTm play under false names and false accounts!!!!   They DO turn on and off their hacks!  Some hacks cannot be spotted on spec i.e. damage modifiers, recoil etc.   I am a good experienced player.... because I'm autistic it upsets me to much when people cheat as I don't understand lack of integrity in gaming.... I cannot see the point.  One easy example AEK DIEMEXO  I actually kill him a lot one on one the he moves to another area to avoid me....... so why is AEK DIEMEXO 4, 5, 6 times statistically better than I?  It does not make logical sense.   The fastest sprint runner on Earth is only twice as fast as I.  To run 4 times better than I, means fastest player runs approx. just under 100 Miles Per Hour (91 MPH). Physically impossible.  The same logic applies to cheaters in BF4 being at least 4 times better than average, constantly so as well, it's not possible without hacks.   FairFight.com stats also proof that GUIXTM and AEK DIEMEXO cheat so this is extra frustrating for me.     I ask that AEK and ESL are banned and I ask, if possible for full time admin in ADK EU 5 for perhaps a week or so because the cheating is out of hand now in that server.  By doing this post it means the bad guys will simply behave for a week or two... which is frustrating but I've got to start somewhere and I've got to try something !   Please also find out why I cannot post battlelog urls here and why I cannot upload screen shots (both screenshots under 1mb so not a size issue).   Many Thanks.  I don't want to simply move to another server when I've got used to ADK EU 5 and besides nothing will ever get resolved if people just jump ship! 

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