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  1. Anyone here in Florida?

    It's a building full of computers and consoles! It's pretty cool. They at times do competitions and they will pretty much get any game you want. It's only $2.00 an hour. And the pcs are top of the line! Dual R9 290 video cards even. Hit me up I'll go with you.
  2. New Build help, What motherboard?

    great stuff!! if you had $1000 and you live down the street from Tiger direct what would you build. I mostly play Planetside 2.  I5? I7?
  3. Hello I'm Slipitin

    KnightsX you really got that many melee kills?? your a mass murderer! I love it! Thanks you guys!
  4. How to cook a steak.

    Love it!!
  5. I'm looking for a little direction. I'm not sure what direction to go in. I want to get the most I can and leave room to upgrade. I want a second station I'm giving my old not to my son. I want to be around 1000-1200 for the tower I have keyboard, mouse, monitors. I started researching and I got lost in the motherboard selection. Any help would be great.
  6. My pics

  7. I have been playing planetside 2 at a new place in pompano beach, there are 30 or so monster gaming computers set up for competitions. It would be cool to get a group together. Anyone interested let me know.
  8. Hello I'm Slipitin

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be part of your planetside 2 platoon. I play heavy and I buy xp and platoon xp almost ever time I play. Most of my vehicle are decked out, but please don't ask me to fly because it's not a strong point. Ha!ha! I'm always open to try new stuff so I'm open for advice. Outside of the game I live in south florida and I'm have done very well for myself. I own 5 casinos in South America and the Caribbean. I also buy and sell yachts. No I don't loan money! I am also an avid hunter and a huge gun collector. I have a 9 year old son that got me playing with him and he's pretty good. If you want to know more hit me up. Ohh and I hate mag riders and the Vanu!!
  9. South Florida Day Z Team Speak members?

    We should all meet up at versus, it's a gaming station in pompano
  10. Anyone here in Florida?

    We should all get together in pompano beach (Fort Lauderdale) there's a new gaming place there and the machines are unreal. He can have 30 plus people it's a neat place.
  11. My pics


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