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  1. Buying my first car?

    Very nice cars ..... Im actually looking into buying a Subaru STI or BRZ next year, i Know they have a BRZ STI concept so that would be beyond amazing if that became public
  2. Buying my first car?

    [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCo8X4JpGnI"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCo8X4JpGnI[/url] [sharedmedia=gallery:albums:85]
  3. Car =(

    My First Car... From the day I bought it to I crashed it... The new car I'll be buying soon
  4. Buying my first car?

    I got a Toyota Celica GTS And I crashed it last week.... Looking at buying my cousins RSX Type S here soon Ill upload picutres
  5. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Trailer

    All i gotta say is. Zombies I hope, and fuck the rest? Who uses the same engine and graphics year after year? Wtf man.
  6. Buying my first car?

    I was going to buy a Subaru WRX STI but dam too expensive. Thought about a Lancer EVO because of the AWD but having troubles finding one and the KM on most of the ones I've found are a bit high. Thought about going with the mustang because its Almost new so don't gotta do any major work on it for a good 3 - 5 years. Just too lazy to do any work and deal with stuff is all lol But that mustang was listed for like 25 000. I know I could bring it down to 19000 at least or find one for the same or cheaper so not too bad of a deal But ya RWD would suck in the winter but whatever lol I'll deal with it
  7. Buying my first car?

  8. Battlefield 3 - R20 Patch - First Thoughts

    So im done with BattleField. Its fucking impossible to play with this supression, I thought people were just being babies or what not, But 1 bullet, 1 fucking bullet goes by you, and your aim is hitting the walls and the roofs, How the hell does this make sense? Supression is way way way too much, Dice good job with your fail. Im done with BF3 till this is fixed, So horid. Oh and ill add, For all of us players who actually use our sights and aim, and control our fire, Doesnt matter anymore, just spray it. The second you get shot at, your aim is just as bad as firing from the hip, defeats the whole purpose of having skill and being a noob.
  9. LucifersAdvocate

    Ahhh there we go!! Thanks man!!
  10. GTX 680 Release Date!

    Really 680? Well there has been a lot of talk about how good they are, Lets see how they run up once people start buying them then maybe one of the new ones
  11. LucifersAdvocate

    [quote name='cuzco2585' timestamp='1332574437' post='22935'] [url="http://stats.adkgamers.com/playerinfo/478890"][img]http://stats.adkgamers.com/sig/478890_902.png[/img][/url] welcome!! [/quote] I dont get how i use it so whenever i post it comes up automatically lol sorry im new to forums
  12. LucifersAdvocate

    [quote name='Novaura' timestamp='1332572871' post='22932'] Hey Lucifer! I think I saw you in game today in the no Explosive Metro but I am not entirely sure.... If not I hope to play with you soon dude. Nice comp specs you really went all our with that computer build, I have like 1 step down from you in every area of specs! Join us on teamspeak if you haven't you will have a blast! [/quote] Ya on TS3 ahaha everyone funny specially since Ive been drunk all night too ahaha I love my computer its my baby <3 Stupid company stopped selling the GTX 590s though I was gonna SLI it after price drop but now I cant =(
  13. GTX 680 Release Date!

    Wow they are dirt cheat selling for 500 a piece, I would rather crossfire 2 580s though or even 570 for better performance and big price drop
  14. LucifersAdvocate

    [quote name='Rexperience' timestamp='1332491855' post='22825'] Hey there Brian, Welcome Nice video on your application, could use some more skilled snipers in a squad. Continue being active in our servers but also need to see you on the forums and hear you in team speak, it's very key. Good luck and hope to see you in the future ! [/quote] How do you do that tag at the bottom of your post? Of your stats thats cool How!!! Haaha
  15. LucifersAdvocate

    Haha thanks man I'm currently working on a real sniper montage =D This program is hard to get used too just got it aha No worries whenever I aint working I'm pretty much on here so youll see me a lot xD

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