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  1. Does anyone play this game or want to play some? Its a great fps, i play it in spurts, let me know if you want to.
  2. -Outdated- Anivia

  3. The reason I don't play with you guys

    Dam Wraith has me pegged. Yeah while reading this thread I was thinking the whole time that we should play Bazic.
  4. Low Level Players

    I would definitely not play a normal or ranked game with you because you are so low leveled, but if we got a 5v5 practice together then sure I'd play with you. Its nearly impossible for me to 'practice' in normal games because my opponents are so difficult.
  5. Low Level Players

    If you guys do practice games feel free to invite me. They can be a great way to learn more than you would in a normal game. Other than that I can say definitely get some friends together to get to lvl 30 with. Thats how me, lladz, wraith, stryke, engima, and enfenet did it, every night there were at least 3-4 on and we'd have a good game, we leveled up at nearly the same rate. ps your first item on ashe shouldn't be a GA, its a situational late game item for her.
  6. SIr Lladz Indeed

    no, i was gonna apply over break, and by then the apps were closed .....
  7. SIr Lladz Indeed

    <-- fail tard... missed deadline
  8. Abyss

    Sup, I just got back to school so i'll be playing for real now. I'm 21, graduate this semester, looking to go to grad school, but we'll see. I play a little tf2 demoman (can't play spy worth sh!t), and also play lol. I'm a little competitive normally, which some people dont like.

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