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    LOL PENGUIN HATER ! Everything poops @[member='DrakenBryn']. Penguins are forever... CUTE
  2. That's cause it has a hole, doesn't mean you should poke in on it.

  3. Visual Upgrades

    Lmao I saw what Jar posted as well. He always beats me to it. I love Sona though. I got sooo hooked on her. She has quite the poke. Not just the boobs :rolleyes:
  4. You don't deserve any kind of respect after disgracing me.

  5. Match Making System

    Lucky you. Im reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly unlucky today and yesterday. It's ridiculous!
  6. Bacon Roses

    Ohhhh I like you already. Thank you though. And I'm hungry now.. -_-
  7. Match Making System

    Not sure what's going on but the recent patch seems to either screwed the MMR system. Or it was originally screwed to begin with. No matter what mode I played in, whether it was normals or ranked, or an ARAM even. It was an automatic loss. Just a huge losing streak for 2 DAYS straight. I'll be monitoring some of the statistics and will be picking random people as my guinea pigs; With a little bit of research, I'll check if League's Match Making system is literally coo coo right now.

    Oh Penguins are such darlings. They give the best cuddles. Far better than boyfriends.
  9. I haven't seen very many of the Amummus or the Jarvans lately. But I have seen the Morgana a whole lot. Mostly as a support. Just because of that black shield she has.

    That's alright Pumpkin. Atleast you don't ride Polar bears to school. Or have a penguin for a pet. And live in the cold with the beavers. And eat Maple Syrup all day.
  11. Visual Upgrades

    http://youtu.be/MGhV7AWQCpw   Talk about pane and plain. Riot apparently did a visual upgrade on her but it seems though as if it was just the textures. Riot could have done a better job on this, wouldn't you say?     Who else needs the upgrades? I'm sure Skarner is one of them :wub2:  
  12. Contemplating; should I make some more music...

  13. If I may. I'd suggest Maokai and Morgana. For some reason they're becoming a tad bit popular again.
  14. Bacon Roses

    Hiya. Known by C4/Lived. On a personal level, you can call me Athena. See you around. :TNT:

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